【網賺平台PropellerAds/原生廣告網絡| 高轉換質量流量】Easy Traffic Monetization: Direct Links for Publishers (Make Money with One Link)

Although there’s definitely a fun side to being a publisher, most website and app owners develop awesome content in order to attract traffic and monetize these visitors. That said, there are many cases where the hard part is not getting the traffic, but finding and setting up the right monetization scheme can become a major problem. 

This is the reason why our team has developed a superb solution that simplifies traffic monetization as much as possible, which is called direct links for publishers. 



Let’s take a look at our direct links feature, discuss how it works, and go over everything you need to know to easily make money from your visitors. Contentshide1 What’s a Direct Link?2 Benefits of Working with Direct Links3 Where Should You Place Your Direct Links?4 How Much Money Can You Make with Direct Links5 Best GEOs for Direct Links6 Before Getting Started…

What’s a Direct Link?

Also known as smartlinks or simply “directs”, direct links are among the most flexible traffic monetization alternatives for publishers available at PropellerAds and in the industry as a whole. By using this ad format, publishers can generate revenues and send traffic to the advertiser offers through any method they see fit. 

The direct link we provide leads to a feed that consists of thousands of different landing pages and offers. Once you place your SmartLink in your content, our optimization team will choose the most profitable offers based on your niche and specific channel.

We continue optimizing the landing pages and offers until we find the most profitable match for your site.


Benefits of Working with Direct Links

There are many benefits of working with smartlinks, but all of these boil down to increased convenience and profitability. For example, when working with direct links you enjoy benefits like: 

  • Use the link with your own banners, buttons, and text
  • Place as many links as you can on one page
  • Does not require manual sorting nor offer testing necessary

Not only this but the leader of our Publishers department, Svetlana Prishchak, also explains how these links can be used for any type of content: “direct links can be used for monetizing traffic regardless if a publisher actually owns a page or website. For example, an app developer can use directs to monetize remnant traffic. The same goes for any organic traffic that comes from Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other source.

PropellerAds - how to monetize mobile traffic

How to Monetize Mobile Traffic

Where Should You Place Your Direct Links?

There is no exact formula to choose the best placement for your direct links, so you need to evaluate your platform and choose the area that has the highest chance of success.

That said, remember that your smartlinks can be placed anywhere, including banners, CTA buttons, and as simple links in your text. Therefore, you should find the most clickable spot on your pages and place your links somewhere close to this area.

According to Anton Averchenkov, the leader of our traffic acquisition team, “smartlinks are like watered-down versions of our pop ads. This is because smartlinks send users directly to offer pages, so you need to ensure that the visitors you attract are interested in the offer.”

“Additionally, it’s worth noting that these links usually produce the best results for publishers that already have CTA buttons organically in their sites. The reason for this is that users are motivated by clicking on CTAs like ‘download now’ or ‘start watching’ so publishers that have these buttons will likely get better results” says Averchekov. “Our goal is to find offers that align with the publisher’s content, so the clearer it is, the better.”

PropellerAds - MultiTag case study

Real Publisher Case Studies: MultiTag vs. Classic Tags

With the above in mind, Anton also warns us that “placing giant banners that have phrases like ‘click here’ can seem suspicious, so publishers should avoid doing that at all costs.”

Instead, publishers can place links directly on the website elements like “watch now” buttons. In these cases, users will click on the button because they want to get the content, but they will trigger the smartlink instead. 

How Much Money Can You Make with Direct Links

“It’s important to understand that the results obtained when using direct links depends heavily on the industry. Obviously, it’s not suitable for everyone, but the right publishers can expect 30% to 60% of revenues than they would with pop advertising” says Averchenkov.

For instance, if you usually generate $100 from pop, you’ll make between $30 and $60 with directs. But, remember that these can run simultaneously because they don’t interfere with each other, so you can have both on your site at the same time.”

PropellerAds - Pub Priority Program

Announcing Propeller Pub Priority: Our Publisher Benefit Program

Best GEOs for Direct Links

Anton reminds us that, “as with pop, the best GEOs for direct links are tier-1 countries like Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, and so on.” 

PropellerAds accepts traffic from tier-1 countries, but we also work with traffic from Asian nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India, among others, so don’t hesitate to contact us today if this is your main traffic demographic.

Before Getting Started…

Lastly, some of the main elements you want to keep in mind include:

  • Direct links don’t tend to work well with ad blockers. If you want to monetize ad block traffic, we suggest using pop-under ads.
  • If you get traffic through direct channels rather than search engines, users will get used to the elements that trigger ads. If this is the case, you need to optimize constantly.






1 什麼是直接鏈接?


3 您應該在哪裡放置直接鏈接?

4 通過直接鏈接可以賺多少錢

5種 最適合直接鏈接的GEO

6 開始之前…








  • 將鏈接與您自己的橫幅,按鈕和文本一起使用
  • 在一頁上放置盡可能多的鏈接
  • 不需要手動排序也不提供必要的測試

不僅如此,而且我們發布者部門的負責人Svetlana Prishchak還解釋瞭如何將這些鏈接用於任何類型的內容:“直接鏈接可用於通過點擊量獲利,無論發布者實際上是否擁有頁面或網站。例如,應用開發者可以使用Direct來通過剩餘流量獲利。來自Facebook,WhatsApp或任何其他來源的任何自然流量也是如此。






安東Averchenkov,我們的流量獲取球隊的領袖,“ smartlinks像淡化我們的彈窗廣告的版本。這是因為智能鏈接將用戶直接帶到商品頁面,因此您需要確保吸引的訪問者對商品感興趣。”

“此外,值得注意的是,這些鏈接通常對於已經在其網站上有機地包含CTA按鈕的發布商而言,會產生最佳效果。原因是用戶通過單擊“立即下載”或“開始觀看”之類的CTA來激勵用戶,因此具有這些按鈕的發布者可能會獲得更好的結果。” Averchekov說。“我們的目標是找到與出版商內容相符的報價,因此,報價越清晰越好。”






“重要的是要了解,使用直接鏈接時獲得的結果在很大程度上取決於行業。顯然,它並不適合所有人,但合適的發行商可以期望獲得比流行廣告高30%到60%的收入 Averchenkov說。

例如,如果您通常能從流行音樂中獲得$ 100,則您將直接獲得$ 30到$ 60的收益。但是,請記住,它們可以同時運行,因為它們不會相互干擾,因此您可以在同一時間將它們同時存在於您的站點上。”


宣布Propeller Pub優先級:我們的發布商福利計劃






  • 直接鏈接往往無法與廣告攔截器配合使用。如果您想通過廣告屏蔽流量獲利,建議您使用彈出式廣告。
  • 如果您是通過直接渠道而非搜索引擎吸引流量,則用戶會習慣觸發廣告的元素。在這種情況下,您需要不斷進行優化。