How to store and save the jigsaw puzzle?4 Tips to save the finished Jigsaw puzzle.


What do you do for recreation during the epidemic period when you are staying at home and playing against the epidemic? We found that the number of friends who play jigsaw puzzles has increased greatly, not only can they spend time, but also can use their brains together with their families to improve their feelings for each other.

However, do you know how to save the puzzle? We have compiled the following points of attention, to show you how to save the puzzle. Quickly while the emotion is still there, the hard work done to save the puzzle, to continue the sense of accomplishment after the completion of the puzzle!


Put it back in the box

The easiest way, but you don’t have to break up the whole thing, just divide the puzzle into several large pieces so that it can be put back in the box; and to avoid staining, try not to use paper with ink such as newspapers and flyers to separate the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles are afraid of humidity

The air in Taiwan is very humid all year round, so we are afraid of oxidation, discoloration and deformation of the jigsaw puzzle. We suggest that before dividing the jigsaw puzzle into large pieces and putting them back into the box, we can use a zipper bag to separate them and store them with desiccant.

Gluing should be evenly distributed

Most of the commercially available jigsaw puzzle boxes have glue attached. If you want to apply glue by yourself, please use a spatula to gently scrape the glue on a flat area to avoid protruding jigsaw puzzles, and pay attention to whether the amount of glue is even and sufficient to avoid air-drying and leaving obvious glue marks.

Selection of the back plate

If you want to put the glue into the frame and fix it, you can choose to glue it on thin wood or thick paper board.

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