Hearing loss is 30% less! Research: 2 kinds of diet help ear anti-aging

As we all know, the hearing will decline with age, and even affect daily social and learning behavior. Prevention is better than cure. The latest research has found that through diet management, there is also the opportunity to achieve the magical effect of preventing hearing loss!
Diet prevention hearing loss

According to a research article in the journal International Journal of Nutrition, women who adopt the Mediterranean diet or the less salt-based DASH Diet will have hearing problems. The average person is reduced by 30%.

According to the researchers’ analysis of more than 70,000 women’s health data, and tracking their 22-year-old eating habits, it was found that women who practiced the “Mediterranean diet” or “successful diet” had fewer hearing problems in the elderly.
Mediterranean Diet Principles

The “Mediterranean Diet” is one of the popular eating methods from the popular European and American to sweeping the world. It is mainly characterized by the extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits, fish and wine, and other meat products.

Vegetables, fruits, whole clams, nuts, beans, olive oil, moderate intake of fish, muscles, cheese, yogurt
Enjoy a small amount of red wine, almost no red meat, and use vanilla and spices to control salt intake.
Reduces the risk of early death, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and high blood pressure
“Dai Shu Diet Principles”

“Dai Shu Diet” is aimed at controlling high blood pressure. It is characterized by low salt, low saturated fat and low cholesterol. It is combined with high magnesium, high potassium and high calcium, protein and fiber foods. Although the “Deshu diet” is considered by the United States to help improve high blood pressure, it still needs to be equipped with appropriate exercise to achieve maximum benefit.

Vegetables, fruits, whole clams, nuts, beans
Control the intake of red meat, sugar, and salt
A low-fat diet, lower blood pressure, and lower LDL