Refined Sugar and Immunity: How Inhibited White Blood Cells Impact Health

Refined sugar to Avoid It

White blood cells are part of the immune system and help the body fight off infections and foreign substances. A study has shown that too much refined sugar reduces the function of white blood cells. Eating 100 grams of refined carbohydrates such as fructose, glucose and sucrose inhibits white blood cells. The ability to phagocytise and eliminate harmful micro-organisms reaches 50% and this immunosuppressive ability lasts for more than 5 hours.

According to experts in nutritional and functional medicine, the normal white blood cell count is generally around 4,500-10,000 per ul. If it is above this range, it may represent a bacterial infection, burns, tissue damage or even leukaemia, commonly known as blood cancer; if it is below this range, it may represent a viral or protozoan infection, aplastic anaemia, splenomegaly, side effects of chemotherapy or certain drug treatments.

An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 stated that ingesting 100 grams of refined carbohydrates, such as fructose, glucose, sucrose and orange juice, will begin to inhibit the phagocytosis of white blood cells and eliminate harmful microorganisms within 30 minutes, the ability to reach 50%; and this immunosuppressive effect will last for more than 5 hours. Therefore, in order to protect the immune system, the public must limit the intake of refined sugar.

What Is Refined Sugar?

Refined sugar, also known as white sugar or table sugar, is a highly processed and purified form of sugar that is commonly used as a sweetener in foods and drinks. It is derived from sugar cane or sugar beets and undergoes several processing steps to remove impurities and produce the crystalline white substance that is familiar to most people.

The process of refining sugar involves crushing the sugar cane or sugar beets to extract the juice, which is then heated and treated with chemicals such as lime and carbon dioxide to remove any impurities. The resulting liquid is then evaporated and boiled until sugar crystals form, which are then separated from the liquid and dried to produce the final product.

Refined sugar is composed of sucrose, a type of carbohydrate that is easily digested and provides energy to the body. However, it is considered a “empty calorie” as it contains no essential nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. It is often criticized for its high caloric content and potential negative effects on health when consumed in excess, including weight gain, tooth decay, and an increased risk of certain diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Here is a table summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of refined and natural sugars:

AdvantagesRefined SugarNatural Sugar
SweetnessHighLower due to other natural components
PurityVery highMay contain impurities, but not necessarily harmful
SolubilityDissolves easily in liquidsMay not dissolve as easily
AvailabilityWidely availableMay be less readily available
TextureFine, uniform crystalsMay have varying textures
Shelf LifeLong shelf lifeShorter shelf life
ProductionCan be mass-produced at low costMay require more resources to produce
DisadvantagesRefined SugarNatural Sugar
Nutritional ValueEmpty calories, no essential nutrientsMay contain small amounts of vitamins and minerals
Health EffectsMay contribute to obesity, diabetes, and other health issuesMay have less of an impact on health, but excessive consumption can still be problematic
ProcessingHighly processed with chemicalsMinimal processing or no processing
Environmental ImpactProduction can have negative environmental impactsProduction may have less of an impact on the environment
CostLow costMay be more expensive due to production methods and availability

Some natural sugars are better than others

While natural sugars are generally considered healthier than refined sugars, it is important to note that not all natural sugars are created equal in terms of their impact on health.

For example, fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars such as fructose and glucose that are accompanied by a variety of other beneficial nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. These sugars are absorbed slowly into the bloodstream and can provide sustained energy without causing rapid spikes in blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, highly processed natural sweeteners such as agave nectar or honey may contain high levels of fructose and have a similar impact on the body as refined sugar. They may also lack the beneficial nutrients found in whole fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, some natural sugars can have a negative impact on dental health. For example, natural sugars found in dried fruits, fruit juice, and even some vegetables can cling to teeth and promote the growth of harmful bacteria, leading to tooth decay and cavities.

Overall, it is important to choose natural sweeteners that are accompanied by other beneficial nutrients and consume them in moderation to support overall health and wellbeing.

How to avoid refined sugar

Avoiding refined sugar can be a challenge since it is present in many processed and packaged foods. However, there are several strategies that can help reduce your intake of refined sugar:

  1. Read food labels: Look for hidden sources of sugar, such as high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and maltodextrin. Avoid foods that list sugar or a sugar derivative as one of the first ingredients.
  2. Choose whole foods: Opt for whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods contain natural sugars that are accompanied by fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  3. Use natural sweeteners: Use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or stevia in moderation to add sweetness to your food and drinks.
  4. Cook from scratch: Prepare your meals at home using fresh ingredients, and avoid processed and packaged foods that often contain added sugars.
  5. Be mindful of beverages: Many beverages, including soda, sports drinks, and juice, are high in sugar. Choose water or unsweetened beverages instead.
  6. Gradually reduce your intake: Gradually reduce your intake of refined sugar over time to allow your taste buds to adjust to less sweet flavors. This can help you develop a preference for less sweet foods and drinks.

By implementing these strategies, you can reduce your intake of refined sugar and support your overall health and wellbeing.

How to solve the problem of eyelid twitching? Causes and disease associations of eyelid twitching

eyelid twitching
eyelid twitching/why is my eyelid twitching/Eyelid twitch Information ,Eyelid Spasms,Why Is My Eye Twitching?,Why Eye Twitching Occurs. Learn How to Stop the Spasms,How to Stop Eye Twitching and What Causes It

Have you ever experienced a sudden, uncontrollable twitching of your eyelid? It can be an annoying and uncomfortable experience. This common condition is known as blepharospasm, and although it is usually harmless, it can be a cause for concern if it persists for a long time. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help alleviate the problem. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at eyelid twitching, its causes, and some simple remedies to help you get rid of the problem.

Cause of eyelid twitching: a few seconds of twitching is harmless.

Generally speaking, the phenomenon of eyelid twitching will occur on the upper eyelid, and it may also occur on the upper and lower eyelids at the same time, but it will only last for a few seconds, up to 1~2 minutes, but most of the eyelid twitching will not cause pain, nor will it be harmful to the body. What too much damage.

Blepharospasm, also known as myokymia, is an involuntary muscle contraction that affects the upper or lower eyelid. It can last from a few seconds to several minutes and can occur in one or both eyes. The most common causes of eyelid twitching are stress, fatigue, caffeine, dry eyes and allergies. In some cases, it can be a symptom of an underlying condition such as blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm or Bell’s palsy.

To relieve eyelid twitching, it’s important to find the underlying cause. If you suspect that stress or fatigue may be contributing to your twitching, try getting more rest, reducing your caffeine intake and practising relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or yoga. If you have dry eyes, you can use eye drops or take frequent breaks if you work at the computer for long periods. If your twitching persists, it’s best to see your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

However, the exact cause of eyelid twitching has not yet been found in medicine, but several possible potential causes can be roughly deduced:

  • Eye irritation
  • eye strain
  • Lack of sleep
  • physical exertion
  • Medication side effects
  • Too much pressure
  • Too much alcohol, caffeine
  • Disease factors such as brain or nerve disorders (see below)
  • smoking

How to relieve eyelid twitching

In addition to letting the eyelids stop beating automatically, you can try the following methods to slow down the eyelid twitching:

Drink less caffeine and alcohol.
Get enough sleep.
Use artificial tears to keep your eyes moist.
If your eyelids are twitching, you can apply a warm towel to your eyes.
Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections can also relieve eyelid twitching and blepharospasm, but more Botox injections may be needed if the injections are not effective.

You should pay more attention to these symptoms because eyelid twitching can become chronic.

If the phenomenon of eyelid twitching persists, it can become a chronic condition called benign essential blepharospasm. ! (Recommended reading: Chest tightness, anxiety and chronic fatigue are autonomic nervous disorders? Do this to regain your health)

  • Blepharitis.
  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Environmental irritants such as wind, bright light, sunlight, air pollution, etc.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Too much stress.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine.

Eyelid twitching could be caused by a brain or nerve disorder

Although eyelid twitching is trivial, it can sometimes be a symptom of a related condition, such as a brain or nerve disorder, such as

Bell’s palsy : This is a disorder of the cranial nerves that causes us to lose control of the muscles on one side of our face, resulting in facial paralysis.
Dystonia : Muscles in the body are deformed by constant contraction and the body cannot move freely.
Cervical dystonia (also known as wryneck): The head is tilted to one side due to muscle or bone problems in the neck.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS): A disease in which the central nervous system (CNS) produces an abnormal immune response leading to inflammation.
Parkinson’s disease (PD): A chronic neurodegenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system, primarily the motor nervous system.
Tourette Syndrome (TS): A neurological disorder characterised mainly by tics of movement and sound.


If eyelid twitching becomes too frequent, consult a doctor.

Although eyelid twitching can be an annoying and uncomfortable experience, it’s usually harmless and can be easily remedied with a few simple lifestyle changes. If your twitching persists, see your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Remember to take good care of your eyes by getting plenty of rest, reducing stress and staying hydrated.

It’s important to note that if the frequency of eyelid twitching is too high, or if there are additional symptoms, you should seek medical attention. Corneal scratches, drooping eyelids and persistent twitching can all be signs of more serious conditions such as blepharospasm. What’s more, eyelid twitching can also affect other parts of the face, so it’s important to be aware of any changes in your symptoms. Overall, by taking good care of your eyes and treating any underlying problems, you can find relief from eyelid twitching and enjoy a more comfortable daily life.

Corneal scratches can also cause eyelid twitching. If the following situations occur, it is recommended that you see an ophthalmologist to avoid more serious conditions:

  • Eyes are red, swollen or have foreign matter in them.
  • Drooping eyelid.
  • Each time the eyelid twitch occurs, the eyes close tightly, which is likely to be blepharospasm.
  • Blepharospasm lasts for more than a few weeks.
  • Eyelid twitching can also affect other parts of the face.

In other articles, we’ll learn more about preventing eyelid twitches and your health.

Natural remedies for eyelid twitching
Causes of eyelid twitching and how to fix it
Home remedies for eye twitching
Yoga for eye twitching
Eye exercises to stop eyelid twitching
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Vitamins to help with eye twitching
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Acupuncture for eye twitching
Eyelid twitching and magnesium deficiency
Best foods to eat for eye health
How to prevent eye twitching during computer use
Eye massage for eyelid twitching relief

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※ 可配合鍋蓋作煮食用途。 



·坑紋烤盤 (需另


※ 可配合鍋蓋作蒸煮用途。 

陶瓷火鍋盤 (需另購) 


·多用途烤盤 (需另













1. 請確保烤盤/火鍋與機身之間沒有水份異物。 

2. 請確保烤盤/火鍋盤於裝配後沒有傾側。 


2 電源連接 

1. 確保溫度調節桿處於OFF位置。 

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■ 操作模式與温度指引 




















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1. 將溫度調節桿校回至OFF位置。 2. 從插座拔出電源插頭,移離插座3. 於烤盤稍微冷卻,以廚用紙巾輕力 








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.將手柄的凹入位置垂直插入 機身左右兩側與烤盤之間。 





必須將電線插口完全移離機身及插座。 • 

待機身、烤盤、火鍋盤及鍋蓋完全自然冷卻才開始清潔。 • 


















1. 先少許暖水沾濕後,再以含有廚房用中性清潔液的海綿清洗。 

2. 以清水洗淨後,乾淨的柔軟巾拭擦。 




1. 將平面烤盤放回機身,合上鍋蓋。 

2. 將溫度調節桿調校至MED的位置,乾燥約5分鐘。 






只要鍋蓋內便能疊起收藏 平面烤盤 章魚燒烤盤 

·抹巾或布 請移去緩衝物料 後直接入箱儲存 包裝箱 













烤盤/鍋盤的 温度未能加熱 

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清除異物。 *請於完全冷卻時進行,以免燒傷。 


·恆溫器啓動進行 溫度調節。 







































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Language】 Traditional Chinese/Multi-language

Software Name】 MX Player Pro

Version Information】 1.46.10

Software Size】 28.5 MB

Update Date】 June 24, 2022

[Permissions] AC3+DTS cracked version

System Support】 Support Android 5.0 or above (phone + box)

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MX Player Pro・Software Introduction Features

Software Introduction

This is the official release version, if you have installed MX Player series free version test version crack version and other related versions on your device, please remove all the old versions first, then install this version.

This is the ad-free version of MX Player Pro, a powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

▼ Hardware Decoding – With the latest hardware decoder, more videos can benefit from hardware acceleration.

▼ Multi-core decoding – MX Player is the first multi-core decoding video player on Android, with nearly 70 percent better performance than single-core decoding in tests on multi-core devices.

▼ Pinch to zoom, drag and drop – Pinch and slide the screen to easily zoom in and out. Zooming and dragging are also available in the options section.

▼ Subtitle Gestures – Slide forward/backward to move to the next/previous subtitle. Slide up/down to move captions up/down. Zoom in/out to change caption size.

▼ Kid Lock – Keeps kids focused without worrying about them making random phone calls or accessing other applications. (Kit required)

MX Player Pro・Support for subtitle formats


SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) 完整樣式。

SAMI(.smi) 支援 ruby 標籤。








Teletext PJS(.pjs)


MX Player Pro・Installation and use

1.Before installing MX Player Pro, please uninstall all the previous installed versions and decoders first!
2.In hardware decoder: If you want to play DTS when you use hardware decoder, please click Settings-> Decoder and enable audio soft decoding, so that the video will give up hardware decoding and use software decoding. When you play the video, if you only use it for specific files, please click Audio Select button and then enable Audio Soft Decode. The audio soft decoding will be temporarily used for that file.
3.In hardware decoder+ and software decoder: no special setting is needed.

MX Player Pro・Version Features

  1. No need to root or LP or Google Play to make changes;.
  2. disable/remove unwanted permissions + recipients + providers + services.
  3. optimize and compress aligned graphics as well as clean resources to enable fast loading.
  4. ad permissions/services/providers have been removed from Android.manifest.
  5. remove ad links and invoke invalid methods.
  6. ad layout visibility has been disabled.
  7. the activation icon has been changed in the menu/about.
  8. Removed the mandatory activation consent form.
  9. Removed startup screen.
  10. disabled pop-up rate dialogs; and
  11. play DTS-HD / DTS-X / EAC3 audio from any video container mkv, mp4, ts, m2ts.
  12. Google Play Store package check is disabled.
  13. remove the debug code.
  14. remove the default source tag name of the corresponding Java file.
  15. Disable analysis/crash/firebase.
  16. No active trackers or ads.
  17. AOSP-compatible mode.
  18. language: fully multilingual.
  19. CPU architecture: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, X86, x86_64.
  20. screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi.
  21. The original package signature has been changed.
  • Cracking instructions
  1. remove file sharing, tracker, some Google codes.
  2. fully functional (no flashing) in Android 11, Android 12 and higher versions.
  3. play DTS-HD / DTS-X / EAC3 audio from any video container mkv, mp4, ts, m2ts.
  4. language: fully multi-language.
  5. CPU architecture: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a.
  6. Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi.
  7. Original package signature has been changed.

[MX Player Pro Version Update
Update Description.

  • This update brings support for USB OTG devices (FAT32 only).
  • MX Share now supports sharing files from other applications.
  • Speed control in the local video player now supports direct input from the keyboard.
  • External subtitles can now be manually selected on local network shares – the playlist has been further optimized for a better experience.
  • This update also fixes an issue with handling external web URLs on Android 12 devices.

MX Player Pro APK・Download

ARMv7(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-NEON_armeabi-v7a.apk 

ARMv8(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-NEON-arm64-v8a.apk 

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X86(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-x86.apk 

X86_64(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-x86_64.apk 

⏬【【MX Player Pro MX Player Pro English Lite(All Platforms): Attachment Download 1】

ARMv7(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS_NEON_Lite_armeabi-v7a.rar 

ARMv8(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS_NEON_Lite-arm64-v8a.rar 

X86(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS-Lite-x86.rar 

X86_64(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS-Lite-x86_64.rar 

⏬【MX Player Pro Professional MX Player Pro Multilingual Revised Version: Attachment Download 1】

Android 11+ Working (no flashback): ARMv7(32位元): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_ML_RBMods_ARMv7.apk 

ARMv8(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_ML_RBMods_ARMv8.apk )

Note: If “Application not installed” appears during installation, you need to uninstall the old version first and then install this version.

If you can’t see the download link, please click [PC version] at the bottom of your browser to see*.

MX Player Pro – Google Play App

This is the ad-free version of MX Player. The free version has no feature limitations. Please try the free version first before buying the Pro version. Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

MX Player Pro APK Download, Pro version without ads

MX Player Pro APK Professional is a very popular video player for Android phones, with multi-core hardware acceleration to decode videos quickly, claiming to increase performance by almost 70% compared to single core.

Download MX Player Pro APK for android

MX Player Pro – the most powerful video player for android! This program supports all possible video formats and has its own processing …

MX Player Pro MOD APK 1.52.5 (Unlocked)

MX Player Pro is undoubtedly the best media player for Android devices, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies at anywhere anytime.

MX Player Pro video player for Android TV

Software name: MX Player Pro Search name: same as the software name Freeware: MX Player free, MX Player Pro is a paid version Support language: Traditional Chinese Support system: Android TV Test model: Xiaomi Box International Edition Support …

Powerful Video Player — MX Player Pro

MX Player (MX Player) is a well-known multimedia player for Android platform, a must-have local video player for video enthusiasts, which is famous for its powerful decoding performance and compatibility, and its support for subtitles is a …

Free Video and Audio Player MX Player (Mobile Version)

MX Player is a free, cross-platform, hardware-decompressed, smooth-playing audio and video player that supports almost all audio formats such as AC-3, MP3, AAC…… …

Download EAC3 Codec for MX Player (MX Player AIO ZIP Files )

EAC3 codec is Enhanced AC-3 format. It is an advanced AC-3 format for audio and video playing in the MX Player app. Users can enjoy high-quality …

Download MX Player AIO ZIP (EAC3 Codec for MX Player)

AC3 format is Enhanced AC-3 format for audio. Removing custom codec from MX Player makes it difficult for AC-types files to stream.

MX Player does not support this audio format (EAC3) – CSDN Blog

MX Player does not support this audio format (EAC3), MX Player has removed AC3/DTS support from 1.69 due to licensing issues Solution to view MX Player version: Options → Help → About.

Enable MX Player to play DTS/AC3 tracks – enable custom decoder

MX Player is a video player used by many people on Android. The default decoder is not able to handle DTS/AC3 series tracks (silent) due to copyright.

If your device (phone/tablet) is ready to upgrade to Android M, please download the latest version of the official custom codec (2015/9/24)

If you have dialed this kind of video without sound, you can actually use the following URL

Download the official version of custom codec and you will have sound.

MX Player Custom Codec with DTS & AC3 Support – XDA Forums

Two key points:

  1. The file is in zip format without decompression
  2. Download the corresponding custom codec version according to the type of your phone 1 above, if you do not know which version to download, download the 9 AIO Pack Just download the file to your phone, and then run MX Player will prompt the message has been caught Screenshot_2014-11-26-15-07-17 Select OK and the program will automatically close The program will automatically shut down after selecting ok, so it’s done (custom decoder) Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-04-31 actually opened a DTS audio track video file test has sound, there will be no unsupported message Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-05-43

In addition, the so-called support for DTS/AC3 will be multi-channel audio track downmix into 2 tracks, the current version does not support RAW output

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All files are for testing purposes! Please delete them within 24 hours, if you are satisfied, please purchase the original, and respect the intellectual property rights!
Please delete the files within 24 hours after downloading! Please do not use for commercial purposes!
All content is for testing purposes only, absolutely not for commercial use, if moved to other uses, all responsibilities have nothing to do with me!

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The incidence of 14 types of Cancer among young people has increased! 7 small dietary changes, Cancer cells do not take you as a target

Nutrition guidelines
Nutrition guidelines

In recent years, many celebrities have died prematurely due to cancer. Many people used to think that serious illnesses such as cancer are diseases that belong to older people, but according to a worldwide study, the proportion of people under the age of 50 suffering from cancer is increasing, including breast cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and 14 other types of cancer have a tendency to develop early.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the WHO, there is a tendency to increase the number of early-onset cancers among people under the age of 50. The research team found that 14 cancers, including breast, endometrial, colon, stomach, bile duct, gallbladder, head and neck, kidney, liver, pancreas, esophagus, prostate, bone marrow, and thyroid cancers, have a tendency to increase in the cancer registry records of 44 countries.

For example, colorectal cancer, which has the third highest mortality rate, has increased by 2% annually in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, and Japan, 3% in the United Kingdom, and 5% in Korea. Shuji Ogino, a professor of pathology at Harvard University, explained that although the increase may seem small, the rising trend of cancer becoming younger can be imagined as inflation, and although the annual increase is only 2%, there will be a huge change in 10 or 20 years.

Interestingly, the study also found that “the later the birth, the higher the risk of cancer”. For example, people born in the 1960s had a higher risk of cancer before the age of 50 than those born in the 1950s, and the team expects this trend to gradually increase in later generations, probably because of risk factors associated with exposure at younger ages.

In addition to medical advances, the rising trend of cancer in young people is related to lifestyle and diet

Shuji Ogino said that although some cancers, such as thyroid cancer, are on the rise, partly due to medical advances that make it easier to detect cancer, this does not fully explain the trend. The increase in early-onset cancer is also associated with a number of unhealthy risk factors, including shift work, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking habits, as well as obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, a diet of red meat and excess sugar, and environmental pollution.

Among these, diet is probably one of the most important parts of the population to focus on. Tomotaka Ugai, a pathology researcher at Harvard University and lead author of the study, noted that of the 14 types of cancer on the rise, eight are related to the digestive system. The food we eat feeds the microbes in our intestines, and diet directly affects the composition of the intestinal flora, which ultimately leads to changes in the flora that affect disease risk.

Many studies have pointed out that cancer-causing mechanisms are related to intestinal bacteria. Once the number and variety of normal microorganisms that coexist peacefully in the human intestine are reduced, they are likely to be replaced by pathogenic pathogens, which can cause many diseases, including cancer.

7 dietary tips to avoid cancer in the body, exercise and sleep habits should be noted

Therefore, in order to avoid accumulating cancer-causing risk factors in the body, cancer prevention should start at a young age. According to the health education data of Kuandu Hospital, the processed red meat, fried and deep-fried food, as well as delicate cakes, desserts and other delicacies that are commonly eaten will greatly increase the chance of breast cancer and colorectal cancer. In order to prevent cancer, there are important points to note in the diet.

  1. Adequate daily intake of fruits and vegetables: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, or 7 servings (4 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruits) for those with a family history of cancer. Through a variety of nutrients and phytochemicals can hinder the development of cancer.
  2. Increase roughage to avoid refinement: use brown rice, germ rice, cereal and white rice.
  3. Healthy cooking: less oil, less salt, less sugar, mainly boiled, steamed, braised and chilled.
  4. Control the intake of red meat: chicken, deep-sea fish, seafood and other white meat instead of red meat.
  5. Eat more fresh food: eat less food with additives and less processed drinks.
  6. Avoid processed beverages: drink less sugary drinks and moderate alcohol consumption.
  7. Balanced diet: maintain a balanced nutrition.

In addition to diet, lifestyle habits are also very important. To avoid cancer at a young age, it may be more effective to exercise than to spend money on increasing the frequency of health checkups and conducting high-level examinations. Studies have found that exercise can activate the body’s T cells and reduce fat accumulation. Although it does not mean that regular exercise will definitely prevent cancer, without exercise, cancer will be more likely to appear in the body.

Doctors suggest that you should exercise for 30 minutes a day to avoid obesity and to increase metabolism and eliminate apoptotic cells. In addition, you should also avoid staying up late, day and night, and maintain normal work and rest.

Expert warning: many people do not know how to eat eggs – fatally dangerous!

how to eat eggs

The key 2 actions before boiling eggs “the reverse order of fear of injury”

Many people like the taste of semi-cooked eggs, and some people like to eat hot pot with raw eggs to enjoy, but beware! If the eggs are not cleaned before cooking, the eggshell may have pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, which can cause acute enteritis gastroenteritis if eaten, and can be fatal; and if the eggs are cleaned, do not put them in the refrigerator again, otherwise it will increase the possibility of microbial invasion.

Experts remind that eggs must be washed before cooking, and the cooking method must be cooked until fully cooked, in order not to have health and safety concerns.

According to a survey on egg purchasing behavior conducted by the Food and Nutrition Center in 2022, 36% of people often eat semi-cooked eggs and 1% of people eat raw eggs.
Worse still, an even higher percentage (55%) of people who eat semi-cooked or raw eggs do not wash their eggs before cooking, which is a concern for health and safety.

The director of the Food and Nutrition Center said that the surface of the egg shell is easily contaminated with E. coli and Salmonella due to chicken droppings. If the surface of the egg is not cleaned before the egg is beaten, the egg shell and the edible egg will come into contact with each other causing pathogenic bacteria contamination.

To kill Salmonella, the cooking temperature must be 71°C. Salmonella can be avoided by “washing before cooking + fully cooked”.

What should I be aware of when eating eggs? Cholesterol? Or salmonella?

Many people think that eating eggs requires attention to high cholesterol, but in fact, moderate intake of eggs does not cause a burden on the body!

Elevated cholesterol mostly comes from saturated fat (such as pancetta, cream, ice cream), but should pay more attention to eggs “wash before cooking + fully cooked” to avoid eating salmonella!

However, special attention should be paid to avoid washing the eggs with water and then refrigerating them, which may damage the “protective film” due to humidity, not only failing to eliminate Salmonella, but also increasing the possibility of disease-causing microorganisms invading the eggs, so they should be washed before cooking.

Lecithin is used as a blood scavenger to remove bad cholesterol, and choline is used to synthesize acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that helps the brain to remember and learn.

Last but not least, she reminds us again that we must wash and fully cook our eggs before cooking in order to enjoy eggs safely, comfortably and healthily.

Fresh milk, long-life milk which is good?

Fresh milk, long-life milk which is good?

Fresh milk, long-life milk which is good?
Fresh milk, long-life milk which is good?


Fresh milk, long-life milk which is good? Experts explain: the difference in the way different processes

long life milk heritage special long life milk long life milk price checkerswhat is long life milk long life milk pick n pay alain long life milk long life milk walmart

What is the difference in nutritional value between fresh milk and long-life milk?

Fresh milk, milk powder, milk powder, which is the best milk product nutritional composition? It is recommended that adults drink 480 c.c. of milk daily to replenish calcium and related nutrients.

The nutritional composition of fresh milk and milk for life is the same and both do not contain preservatives

In terms of price, milk is cheaper than fresh milk, but many people think that the preservatives are added to milk so that it can last longer than fresh milk, so they would rather buy the more expensive fresh milk.

Many consumers wonder why fresh milk is made from raw milk or fresh milk, and why fresh milk needs to be refrigerated, while shelf-stable milk can be kept at room temperature for a longer period of time.

The difference between the two is in the sterilization, filling and packaging methods, not the addition of preservatives. According to the “Scope and Limits of Use and Specifications of Food Additives”, preservatives are not allowed to be added to fresh milk and milk for long term.

Different sterilization methods, but no superiority or inferiority

what is long life milk

Fresh milk is milk made from raw milk, packaged and frozen for drinking after heating and sterilization.

The nutritional value of fresh milk and milk for long term use is comparable, so you can choose according to your personal preference.

As for the product of raw milk or fresh milk, it can be stored at room temperature after sterilization. There are two types of sterilization methods, one is ultra-high temperature instant sterilization with aseptic processing and packaging technology, and the other is high temperature and high pressure sterilization method.

Both of these heating methods can effectively kill all microorganisms and their spores, and the package is an airtight container, so it can be stored at room temperature for several months.

Fresh milk tastes better and smells better, so it is more acceptable to the public, but the price is significantly higher than the shelf-stable milk. Regardless of the type of dairy product, it is recommended to have 2 cups a day (1 cup 240 c.c.).

Which is more nutritious, milk or fresh milk? No preservatives and no ice?

Many parents ask Dr. Wiley, “Why does fresh milk need to be refrigerated, but not the milk? Is it because of the preservatives added to the milk? In fact, it is a very common misconception that preservatives are added to milk. The way preserved milk is sterilized is different from fresh milk, and the way it is stored is also different.

For parents who want to provide their children with the calcium nutrition they need to grow up, in addition to commercially available fresh milk, Dr. Wiley also suggests that high-calcium, shelf-stable milk drinks are an easy and convenient alternative to fresh milk. In particular, milk beverages with calcium and other essential nutrients can be a good and healthy choice for children.

Doctors recommend that elementary school students can drink high-calcium cow’s milk daily, which has vitamin D, calcium, probiotics, lutein and other nutrients, which is not only portable, tasty and healthy!

The key is that the sterilization method is different from that of fresh milk.
The so-called “preserved milk” (quality in accordance with national standard CNS13292) refers to dairy products made from raw milk or fresh milk, which are sterilized by high pressure or high temperature, and packaged in sterile containers for consumption, and can be stored at room temperature.

The reason why it does not need to be refrigerated like fresh milk is that it is made from raw milk and the heat-resistant spores that cannot be completely killed during the sterilization process of fresh milk are almost completely eliminated by the “ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization method”. It only needs to be stored at room temperature, not in the refrigerator.

Aseptic Filled Packaging

Aseptic filling is used, and multiple layers of aluminum foil are applied to the paper container to block light and air, so it can be kept sterile even at room temperature.
Refrigerated fresh milk: The fresh milk is not packaged in aseptic packaging, and is packed in regular cartons, so it needs to be refrigerated to avoid the increase of bacteria.
Although fresh milk is made from raw milk as well as preserved milk, the fresh milk sterilization method cannot completely kill the heat-resistant spores of the bacteria in raw milk, so it must be refrigerated throughout the whole process, and the shelf life is only about 10 days.

However, the preservation period of fresh milk is only about 10 days.

However, some people like to freeze both the milk and the fresh milk in the freezer because they think it tastes better when it is frozen.

Who has the highest nutritional value, the milk or the fresh milk? Doctors: The calcium content of the milk is comparable to that of fresh milk.
Parents let their children drink milk beverages, such as milk and fresh milk, most of them are to let children take in calcium and protein and other nutrients. However, because of the use of ultra-high temperature instant sterilization of milk, some parents may be concerned that the milk through the high temperature sterilization process, whether the nutrition will also be eliminated together? Will the calcium content of the milk be as high as that of fresh milk?

In fact, the nutritional value of cow’s milk and fresh milk are similar. Among all the nutrients, calcium in milk is a relatively heat-resistant nutrient. Therefore, milk that has undergone instantaneous sterilization at high temperatures will still have the same amount of calcium as fresh milk and will not lose calcium due to the sterilization process.

In addition to calcium, the nutrients in raw milk, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates, are also retained through the high-temperature sterilization process, so there is no need to worry about the loss of nutrients in the milk. According to the Food and Drug Administration’s Nutrition Facts database, the nutritional value of raw milk is similar to that of fresh milk. In addition, it is easy to store the milk without ice, so it is more convenient than fresh milk.

Drinking milk for calcium is not enough! Calcium deficiency is common in children, and several nutrients should not be ignored

From school children to adults, it is surprising that almost all have an important nutrient intake problem, this nutrient is “calcium”. Many parents can’t believe it, thinking that they give their children milk and fresh milk every day, so they should get enough calcium, right? In fact, the amount of calcium intake in the general diet is still not enough.

Calcium is the main component of the body’s bones and teeth, and insufficient intake will cause poor bone growth in children. In addition to calcium, vitamin D and protein, which are related to growth and development, are also nutrients that doctors recommend that parents should not ignore when supplementing their children’s nutrition.

Recycle center near me(How Do I Recycle? What to Recycle)

What Is Recycling

recycle center recycle centre recycle center near me recycle centre near me recycle centers near me nearest recycle centre to me recycle near me recycle metals near me recycle bin

Why recycle?

With climate change and environmental awareness on the rise, finding ways to reduce waste and damage the environment is becoming increasingly important to minimize our impact on the environment. Through proper recycling methods, we can be part of the solution.

In our lives, we all create some kind of garbage at one time or another, and most of the garbage (things that are no longer used) that is left after use can be recycled.
Recycling is therefore the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be discarded as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment.

Benefits of Recycling

  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and incinerators
  • Protect natural resources such as wood, water and minerals
  • Improve economic security by using domestic sources of materials
  • Prevent pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
  • Saves energy
  • Support U.S. manufacturing and conserve valuable resources
  • Help create jobs in the U.S. recycling and manufacturing industries
  • Protects the environment and reduces the deterioration of climate change

Steps to Recycling Materials

Resource recovery can simply consist of the following three steps, which create a continuous cycle.

Step 1: Collection and Processing

First, we need to distinguish what is considered recyclable. The recyclables are then collected and recycled through a variety of channels, including curbside collection, recycle centers and deposit or refund programs.

Once collected, recyclables are often sent to recycling facilities for sorting, cleaning and processing into materials that can be used for manufacturing. The purchase and sale price of recyclables (incentive payments) fluctuates, just like raw materials, depending on supply and demand.

Step 2: Sort recyclables

More and more of today’s products are made with recycled content. Common household items that contain recycled materials include

Newspaper and paper towels
Aluminum, plastic and glass soft drink containers
Steel cans
Plastic laundry detergent bottles
Computers, laptops, and batteries
Recycled materials are also used in new ways, such as recycled glass pavers in asphalt or recycled plastic in carpets and park benches.
Kitchen waste
Used clothing

Step 3: Buy new products made from recycled materials

You can help close the recycling loop by buying new products made from recycled materials. There are thousands of products that contain recycled content. When shopping, please be aware of the following.

  • Products that can be easily recycled
  • Products with recycled content

Where to recycle

Home Recycling Collection

Many communities have packaging and paper recycling programs. In most areas, local governments continue to offer resource recovery collection services, but are limited in the range of materials they accept.

In some communities, for example, recycling operator Recycle BC has taken direct responsibility for curbside recycling. Click on the community name below for recycling guidelines, the nearest depot and a list of frequently asked questions for that area.

Address Search
Use Resource Recycler’s address search tool to view your curbside recycling collection schedule and nearest depots. You can also sign up for reminders and import your schedule into your online calendar.

BC Recycle Bin Locations,
Curbside Collection Schedules and Reminders


Beverage Container Recycling Centers – CalRecycle

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Recycling Center – City of Cambridge, MA

The Recycling Center is available to all Cambridge residents. Bring items that can’t be recycled curbside for safe and efficient disposal.

Recycle Center – Public Works – City of Burbank

Recycle Center Landing Page Intro. Reduce, reuse, then recycle. We are committed to helping residents and businesses prevent waste by providing workshops, …

Miramar Recycling Center | Environmental Services

Location and Hours The Miramar Recycling Center is located north of state Route 52 at 5165 Convoy St. in San Diego. Business hours are Monday through …

Recycling Centers | Anne Arundel County, MD

Northern Recycling Center, (410) 222-6100, Monday-Saturday … The Millersville Landfill is the only waste disposal facility that is …

Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center 

Recycle & Reuse Drop-off Center · Household hazardous waste. Drop off your household hazardous waste for safe disposal or reuse. · Electronics and appliances. If …

Recycling Center | Springfield, MO – Official Website

Recycling Convenient & Hassle-Free Locations. Open year-round and located throughout the City of Springfield, the City’s recycling centers offer convenient …

Recycle Center – Glenwood Springs, CO

Downtown Recycling Center is at 13th and Pitkin Avenue The Recycle Center will be closed on SATURDAY September 3rd due to the Labor Day Holiday weekend.

Which live streaming platform is the most popular? Ratings of the Top 6 live streaming platforms!

live streaming
live streaming

In the modern era where everyone can be a live streamer, have you caught up with this trend?
Seeing the unlimited potential of live streaming, there are various live streaming platforms in the market, from YouTube, the dominant online video player, to Taiwan’s local 17 live streaming. But with so many platforms, it’s not easy for the average person who just wants to get into live streaming to find the most suitable platform and gain popularity quickly.

Everyone has different reasons and goals for wanting to start live streaming, so this article has selected 6 common live streaming platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, 17 live streaming, and e-commerce platform live streaming), from e-commerce shopping to becoming a self-traffic internet celebrity, to help you easily find the most suitable platform to start streaming!

What is live streaming? The new generation’s favorite new video mode!

What kind of content will make users stay and even look again and again when they open Facebook, Instagram and other social software? The answer is video! In the past two years, people who watch video on their cell phones have added nearly 10 million minutes of viewing time; experts also estimate that by 2021, about 82% of global Internet traffic will be in the form of video.
Live streaming is even better than audio and video. From the data of Facebook Live, we can observe that viewers spend three times more time watching Facebook Live videos than regular videos, and interact with them six times more than regular videos.

The fact that live streaming has overpowered general audio and video and become users’ favorite content format is also due to three major advantages of live streaming.

Bringing the real interaction to the Internet easily

Generally speaking, the interaction between the video creator and the audience is often done through messages. But what if he is like your friend, who can chat and laugh with you in real time? From the mode of live broadcasters replying to viewers’ comments to inviting viewers to join the live broadcast, all of them make up for the interactivity of general video and audio, which greatly enhances viewers’ participation and also increases their willingness to watch.

High authenticity of live video

In addition to interaction, live streaming also successfully creates a higher level of “realism” than general audio and video. Because every movement behind the camera is directly transmitted to the audience, the uneditable nature of the live broadcasters also highlights their on-the-spot reactions and personal charisma. The viewers will therefore have more trust in the content of the live broadcast, and will love and rely on the brand or individual more.

Closer to the audience than the stars

Traditionally, we get to know singers, actors and other celebrities through TV and programs, but this channel keeps us apart from these celebrities. The live broadcast has broken the restriction. In addition to the ability to interact with fans in real time, the content is more themed on life, and vegetarians can also become stars, which makes us feel closer to netizens and live broadcasters than celebrities.

Did you live stream? 3 Purposes – 6 Live Streaming Platforms Compared

Want to open a good live, first you have to find the right live platform. Why do you say that?
A good live broadcast needs the script, the purpose you want to achieve, and most importantly, the most difficult fans. With the popularity of live streaming, different live streaming platforms are specializing in certain types of live shows based on their respective strengths. For example, in games, lifestyle, brand shopping, etc., viewers who want to watch live streaming will go to the corresponding platform to watch, and live streamers want to find the “right audience”.

We analyze the 6 common live streaming platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, 17 live streaming and e-commerce platforms with built-in live streaming systems from three different purposes: “self-media business”, “brand shopping” and “leisure and entertainment”.

I. Self-Media Business

As the dominant player in the video industry, YouTube’s strongest advantage in entering live streaming is that it started with video and has a huge number of users. This feature also attracts many media and netizens with their own traffic to broadcast on it, and of course, YouTubers.

Users who are accustomed to watching videos on YouTube are highly receptive to live streaming and are more receptive to long videos without easily losing interest, making YouTube an excellent channel for gaining a large audience and the platform of choice for media, news and TV programs to switch to live streaming.

However, with the high level of competition on YouTube, it is relatively difficult to gain a following. To accumulate a following through YouTube live streaming, self-media operators need to have a basic fan base and cultivate a loyal following through quality content.

YouTube Live Streaming

As the dominant player in the video industry, YouTube’s strongest advantage in entering live streaming is that it started with video and has a huge number of users. This feature also attracts many media and netizens with their own traffic to broadcast on it, and of course, YouTubers.

Users who are accustomed to watching videos on YouTube are highly receptive to live streaming and are more receptive to long videos without easily losing interest, making YouTube an excellent channel for gaining a large audience and the platform of choice for media, news and TV programs to switch to live streaming.

However, with the high level of competition on YouTube, it is relatively difficult to gain a following. To accumulate a following through YouTube live streaming, self-media operators need to have a basic fan base and cultivate a loyal following through quality content.

Advantages of YouTube Live Streaming.

It has a large number of users and may reach a large number of people
The public is accustomed to watching videos on YouTube and has a high adherence to this platform
❌ Disadvantages of YouTube Live Streaming.

YouTube has a wide range of creators and topics, so it is difficult to reach the target audience directly
Interactivity is weak, and interaction is only possible through comments and live streaming
👤 Who is suitable for YouTube live streaming.

Businesses or media that have a stable and wide range of fans or viewers
YouTubers who have a YouTube channel of their own
YouTubers with a steady stream of shared topics, such as tech product unboxings, current events commentary, etc.

Facebook Live

According to data released by Facebook in early February 2022, Facebook will have 3.59 billion active monthly users worldwide by the end of 2021, a 9% increase over the same period the previous year, creating a solid audience base for Facebook Live. The huge user base and reliance on the community has enabled videos and live streams to spread in an amazing way on Facebook.

In addition to the speed of community distribution, live videos are converted to regular videos for those who do not see them. The easy-to-use interface makes Facebook Live a good choice for getting started with live streaming. In addition, Facebook will also target users who are already following their fan pages, which is an effective way for self-media operators to strengthen fan loyalty and deepen interaction with viewers.

However, like YouTube, there is fierce competition to capture a huge user base. Due to the “community” nature of Facebook, it is important to maintain a high level of interaction with fans and consolidate audience reliance on content in order to achieve success in Facebook live streaming.

Live teaching program on Facebook in Japanese
Figure 2: Live teaching program on Facebook in Japanese
⭕️ Advantages of Facebook live streaming.

Everyone has a Facebook account, so it is easy to reach a wider group of people.
The live video will be kept as general audio and video, which can be tweeted or used more after the live broadcast
Viewers will actively follow interested fans’ pages, which is an effective channel to cultivate loyal fans and deepen interaction
❌ Disadvantages of Facebook live streaming.

Interactivity is weak, and interaction is only possible through comments and live streaming
Facebook will review the content to see if it violates copyright or their policies, and may be banned if it does.
👤 Who is suitable for Facebook live streaming: 👤 Who is suitable for Facebook live streaming?

The interplay of fan pages, clubs and live streaming is ideal for brands to target existing fans and strengthen loyalty
The easy-to-use nature of cell phones makes it ideal for live broadcasts during outdoor events
When the fan page has a stable and sufficient number of fans, it is suitable for live chatting and talking to bring fans closer together.

Instagram Live Broadcast

Although Instagram is a social brand under Facebook, it has similar social interaction and functions, but the user profile is different from that of Facebook because of its limited-time dynamic and photo post format. According to Statista data in October 2021, Instagram users are mainly aged 18-34 (62.2% of the total), and it is easy to attract women and young people, so if your audience is in these two groups, perhaps Instagram is more suitable for you.

In addition, Instagram’s feature of inviting viewers to join the live stream is ideal for self-publishers to chat with viewers, ask questions, and engage in conversational interactions. Operators can broadcast regular live broadcasts on Facebook, while Instagram is for sharing their lives, opinions on events, etc. to help viewers get to know themselves better.

IG users soulsis2014 live broadcast replay
Figure 3: IG user soulsis2014 live broadcast replay
⭕️ Advantages of Instagram Live Streaming.

The number of users is huge, and it is a social software with high adhesion to women and young people, which can reach these groups more precisely.
The tagging and exploring features allow people who don’t follow their accounts to discover their accounts and content, deepening the diffusion.
The live streaming function allows you to chat and interact with your fans directly online, greatly enhancing your interaction with them.
Live videos will be displayed before all other time frames, helping users to increase clicks
❌ Instagram live streaming drawbacks.

The user base is large, and it takes time to increase the number of followers and encourage live streaming.
Instagram’s analytics for live streaming are limited compared to Facebook
👤 Who is suitable for live streaming on Instagram.

Brands with a female audience, such as apparel and jewelry brands
Sellers who run personal brands and often share their lives

Second, brand shopping guide

Another development of live streaming is the combination of e-commerce and the emergence of live shopping, the previous e-commerce classroom also has “live selling things need to prepare what? 4 major factors affect your live performance! Explains the importance of live broadcasters.

The high authenticity and interactivity of live streaming allows consumers to deepen their trust in the product, and the conversation and selling skills of the live streamer also break the relatively passive role of e-commerce in the transaction, just like traditional TV shopping, the direct sales of the live streamer, live trial, live product photography, interactive sessions, etc. will greatly increase consumer confidence in the product and have a significant effect on shopping guide.

For example, Taobao, which is familiar to everyone, generated RMB 20 billion in revenue in the 2019 Double 11 through live streaming alone, which is equivalent to TWD 84 billion. Live streaming breaks the distance between brands and consumers, eliminates consumer doubts, makes “watching live shopping” a new consumption channel, and has a very good effect on order transfer.

The most important thing in the middle is the shopping guide process, from product promotion, page jumping, to checkout process, to ensure that every viewer who is impressed by the live show can actually buy an order.

  1. Social Media Live Streaming
    All the benefits of Facebook and Instagram we mentioned above, in addition to self-media operation, is also very powerful for shopping guide. From live streaming of new products on Instagram to VIP customer management in Facebook groups, the “follow if you like, join if you like” feature of social media can help brands find potential customers, and then use live streaming to deepen trust in products, and then promote orders.

However, the process from live streaming to product shopping is more complicated, as brands usually need to place their sales in social media posts and guide consumers to the official website to place orders.

Seeing the business opportunity of live shopping, there are now many tools (such as SHOPLINE LIVE) that link the brand website and the community to overcome the above problems and lead consumers from the live streaming to the consumption page quickly and easily, so that consumers can keep the “impulse” of watching the live streaming and actually complete the order.

Lydia Yim’s product live broadcast on Facebook
Figure 4: Lydia Yim’s product live streaming on Facebook
⭕️ Advantages of social live shopping.

The number of users on the community makes the list of potential customers huge and can attract a wider range of potential customers
Tracking, community, and tweeting mechanisms help brands deepen their relationship with consumers and enhance the effectiveness of shopping guides
The realistic and interactive nature of live streaming is helpful to dispel consumers’ doubts and motivate them to place orders.
❌ Shortcomings of community-based live shopping.

Live streaming traffic relies on its own fan base, if the fan base is not enough and the management is not deep enough, it will be relatively difficult to gain audience.
Currently it is not possible to complete purchases directly on the community, additional tools are needed to optimize the checkout process
👤 Who is suitable for social live shopping guide.

Brands with a certain number of followers and a reputation on the community
The product that specializes in young people such as popular clothing, 3C peripherals, etc.

  1. e-commerce platform live broadcast
    The e-commerce service platforms specializing in online shopping have naturally not missed this trend, and large e-commerce platforms such as Shrimp Shopping, Momo Shopping, and PChome Online Shopping have introduced live shopping guides to their shopping pages.

Unlike social communities, social communities are online platforms that provide communication and interaction, and users on them do not necessarily want to spend, but e-commerce platforms are places to “complete transactions”, and the chance of completing a transfer is greatly increased, and the occasional promotions, credit card rewards, and large e-commerce festivals held by e-commerce platforms greatly increase the chance of consumers placing orders.

Shrimp skin official live program
Figure 5, the official live show of shrimp skin
⭕️ Advantages of live shopping on e-commerce platforms.

The nature of the shopping platform itself attracts a large number of users who want to shop, the transaction rate is high
With large e-commerce festivals such as the Double 11 event, consumers will be willing to order the chances of a significant increase
The platform is designed to make the order process simple without the need to jump, so consumers can easily complete the order
❌ Shortcomings of live shopping on e-commerce platforms.

Brands are unable to obtain the information of users who have placed orders and are unable to follow up with consumers who have made purchases
Consumers’ memory of brand names is weak, making it difficult to cultivate loyal customers even through live streaming
👤 Who is suitable for live shopping guide on e-commerce platform: 👤 Who is suitable for live shopping guide on e-commerce platform

Brands with low unit prices that want to promote through a low margin approach
Large, well-known brands that want to increase sales by following e-commerce promotions

Leisure and entertainment

What else can you do with the immediacy of live streaming? If there is no specific theme or purpose, then let’s do something casual! Live streaming has become a very popular form of live streaming, attracting viewers to watch and interact with live streamers through their personal characteristics and conversations, which is more interesting than self-media and shopping guides, and also focuses more on the interaction between live streamers and viewers.

Because of the theme of leisure, live broadcasters need to prepare not rich content, but personal charm, talent, interesting conversation, interaction, etc., common live games, talent show, astrology, chat interaction. These live broadcasts are light-hearted, with a variety of topics and a relaxed atmosphere that makes these live streamers like “friends” of the audience.

The purpose of these live streams is often to “donate”, using money or tokens from the platform to show support for the live streamer personally, and in order to achieve this purpose, the interaction mechanism designed in the platform and whether it can trigger viewers’ actions are the key points in selecting the platform.

  1. Twitch
    From e-sports events, retired e-sports players to general gamers, all of them can show their games to interested viewers through live streaming, and viewers can also watch and discuss the content of the live streamer’s games, making the discussion of games easier and more immediate.

Twitch is the leader in live game broadcasting, and its platform has accumulated a large number of viewers interested in games, and its chat room and interaction mechanism with live broadcasters are also very mature. The live streamers are constantly interacting with each other on Twitch, bringing surprises to viewers.

Live streamers’ live shows on Twitch
Figure 6: Live streamer Rampage on Twitch
⭕️ Twitch Live Streaming Benefits.

Both hosts and viewers are highly relevant to the game, making it the best battleground if you want to stream for the game
Interactive and interactive formats make it easy to create surprises for viewers
Videos are replayable, so viewers can replay and watch them later
❌ Shortcomings of Twitch live streaming.

It is difficult to get traffic and viewers for topics other than gaming
Twitch itself is only a live streaming platform, live broadcasters who want to deepen their personal brands need to use other communities
👤 Who is suitable for live streaming on Twitch?

Live streamers who want to use games as content, or who are in the game related industry and have a certain level of popularity
Large-scale tournaments, events, and video broadcasts

  1. 17 LIVE Broadcast
    Compared to the traditional process of talent scouting and agency selection, the easy-to-use live streaming allows many talented, good-looking, or unique vegetarians to become stars and have their own fans and traffic.

As the dominant live streaming platform in Taiwan, 17 LIVE has not only fulfilled the dreams of many vegetarians, but also successfully brought such a form of entertainment as casual live streaming into the lives of the public and created considerable economic benefits.

17 LIVE, a software for live streaming, has a wide variety of topics on air, from food, travel, talent, and current events commentary, allowing viewers to target their favorite topics and making the slogan “Live Streamer for Everyone” a reality.

17 Live Broadcaster’s Opening Screen
Figure 7.17 Live Broadcaster Start Screen
⭕️ 17 LIVE Live’s advantages.

The rich theme of the live broadcast makes it easy for vegetarians to start a live broadcast and find interested viewers.
The complete revenue mechanism in the doujinshi, viewers can easily support the live streamer with money by sending gifts and love, etc.
❌ 17 LIVE live broadcast shortcomings.

Interaction and information are tied to the APP, and cannot be directed to personal social media
Live programs cannot be saved and cannot be replayed for viewing afterwards
Lots of homogeneous programs, fierce competition
👤 Who is suitable for live streaming on 17 LIVE?

Vegetarians who have talent, personal charisma, and want to be traffic stars
People who want to make money from live streaming, and who are highly resistant to stress and can face the competition and mixed live streaming ecosystem


Whether watching or being a live streamer, it has become a part of your life, and the various programs provided by various live streaming platforms have added more leisure and fun to modern life. Whether you are a viewer or a live streamer, you can understand the ecological distribution of live streaming according to the analysis in this article, and you can also know more clearly where to watch the programs or where to live stream the dream of a live streamer.

Teaching│Setting App(av-TV) movie free watch – how to install

setting av app ios setting av app download

Setting (AV TV), unlimited AV channels and videos, watch as you like, completely free of charge. The two systems are now available, so you can install them on your cell phone without being detected because they can be disguised as Setting.

Not only that, but you can also set a password so that it can’t be easily opened.

Stable Version APK Download.
Setting 8.8.5 stable version.apk (GOOGLE download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (1DRV download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (MEDIAFIRE download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (RAPIDGATOR download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (MEGA download)
File Size: 30.65 MB

Compatible APK Download.
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (GOOGLE download)
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (1DRV download)
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (MEDIAFIRE download)
Setting 8.8.5 Compatible .apk (RAPIDGATOR Download)
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (MEGA download)
File size: 24.27 MB

iOS installation.
Setting.ipa(IWANTAVNOW download)

Setting official website:

Setting IOS installation instruction, 2022 to solve the problem of failure to open / verification

Because this type of APP can not be installed directly through Apple Apple Store, so you need to install through the following special way, this method does not need to jailbreak the phone modified so do not worry about the phone problems

If you are an Android phone, please go to to download the APK and install it.

Setting iOS official Testflight installation

Official Site : iwantavnow

Testflight : id899247664

Use the built-in Safari to open the website

Install Testflight first and then go to the website to get the Setting installation link and install it.

If you can’t find the app after installation, you can search for “Setting”.

Setting iOS installation tool download, offline method

We recommend using the Testflight method. If Testflight doesn’t work, try this method again.

If you are not sure which thing to download, please directly download the lazy boy package (which contains all the tools)

Download from the official website (if it doesn’t work, please go to the official website) :

iTunes standalone package: Download 64-bit Download 32-bit

iCloud standalone package: Download

AltServer Installer: Download 1 Download 2

“Setting cannot be verified” means it has expired, you need to manually remove the app and install it again.

Non-jailbroken devices need to reinstall periodically

Step 1 – Install the driver to connect your phone and computer

Prepare a Windows computer first, install the software inside the download package

Install iTunes64Setup.exe - skip it if it is already installed
Install iCloudSetup.exe - skip if it is already installed
Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via the "cable".
Click "Trust" on your iPhone/iPad and enter your password to complete the connection

You can open iTunes to make sure the device is recognized by the computer correctly

Step 2 – Install AltServer

Install AltServer.msi (for protected computers, please click "Other Information" >> "Still Install")
Start the AltServer program (Start Menu >> AltServer)
Check both "Private Network" and "Public Network", then click "Allow Access".

If you can’t find AltServer, you can search for it at the beginning of the search ALT

Allow access

Step 3 – Install the App via AltServer

Click the Windows AltServer resident icon >> Install App >> iPhone/iPad

If no device is present, please make sure iTunes and iCloud are properly installed and connected to the computer via the original certified cable.

Enter your IOS device account and password (must be the same as on the device)

If this appears, click “OK”.

Step 4 – Mobile Operation Verify the Trusted Enterprise App

After confirming the installation, Setting appears on the desktop (not available at this time).

Next, go to “Settings” > “General” of your device.

Find “Device Management” or “Profile and Device Management” > click “Developer App” and trust it.

Add: The name of “Device Management” may be different depending on the IOS version.

After completing the above steps, click “Setting” to enter

Setting is suddenly no longer available

This is because Microsoft controls the third-party APP, which can only be used for 7 days

You need to manually remove the app and then run the AltServer installation steps again.

It’s really troublesome but it’s the only way, if you JB jailbreak, you can skip this restriction.

/ESPN NBA New Season Forecast/ Most scouts think Giannis Antetokounmpo is the best in the game and that Los Angeles Clippers will win the championship.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After years of epidemic, the NBA has returned to its previous schedule this year, experiencing a full off-season and training schedule. In the face of the upcoming season, ESPN collected the opinions of 15 coaches, scouts and executives to compile their insiders’ outlook on the new season.

In the “Who’s the best player in the NBA right now” category, 11 of the 15 respondents voted for the Bucks (Giannis Antetokounmpo), with Stephen Curry coming in second with three votes.

I think Kevin Durant’s shooting touch and scoring ability make him the best player in the league in terms of talent, but Giannis Antetokounmpo’s willpower, mental strength, day-in and day-out training, and effort to help his teammates grow…make Giannis Antetokounmpo a very difficult player to beat,” said a scout from the Western Conference. Antetokounmpo will be hard to beat.

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As for the scouts who voted for Stephen Curry, the reason is simple: Stephen Curry “knows how to win”, after all, he has already won four championship rings in his 13-year career and has an outstanding cumulative record of 545 wins and 281 losses, which may be the reason why the Golden Nugget star (Nikola Jokic), who is the MVP of the year, has not received similar evaluation.

In addition, in the divisional championship prediction, 8 respondents believe that Los Angeles Clippers will dominate the West Division, PHO Phoenix Suns and GS Golden State Warriors received 3 votes each, while the East Division championship presents a two-way tie, with 7 respondents favoring the Bucks and BOS Boston Celtics. As for who will dominate the new season, five respondents voted for the Los Angeles Clippers, while the MIL Milwaukee Bucks and BOS Boston Celtics came in second with four votes and the GS Golden State Warriors, who are seeking to defend their title, received only two votes.

The Los Angeles Clippers are expected to welcome back a healthy Kawhi Leonrad this year, and with the addition of John Wall, many people are looking forward to their performance in the new season. I don’t think he cares about the award, but if it’s the MVP of the playoffs, he’s the best of the best.

How to view web HTML, CSS? Web design must know, plug-in tools, syntax laziness package to share

existTaught yourself to be a web designer? (Down)This article mentions how to improve the ability of web designers. In addition to viewing many different websites, more advanced knowledge and writing skills of HTML and CSS are also required.

Further reading:Taught yourself to be a web designer? Confessions of Non-Undergraduate Designers (Part 2)

I don’t know if you have read a lot of websites when you are just starting to learn, have the following situations occurred?

  • There are a lot of images and blocks in the website, how do I know how much width to set in CSS?
  • The font used on the website is very special, how do I know what font or size to set in CSS?
  • The main color of the website is so beautiful! But how do I know the color code of CSS colors?

…and so on for the above questions

Through this article, in addition to sharing the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, I also want to share 2 tools to allow you to find CSS style settings on web pages

1. What is CSS? What is HTML?

Before understanding the style settings of the website, we must first ensure that we have a basic understanding of web page grammar, just like we need to understand the ABC English letters before we want to understand English words

1. What is HTML?

HTML is mainly responsible for establishing the basic structure of web page presentation. It is mainly composed of HTML tags. Just like our human appearance is composed of various bones and organs, it also determines our appearance, such as the bones of humans and dogs. Different shapes and numbers, so we look different

The same is true for the facial features. We have a nose with two nostrils, a mouth with an upper lip and a lower lip… etc. HTML is also used to construct the basic outline of a website, such as page headers, content blocks, and image areas. block, footer

2. What is CSS?

CSS is mainly responsible for visual style settings. If you have played role-playing games, some games allow us to customize the appearance of characters when creating characters, such as height ratio, skin color, eye size, nose shape… and many more

Image search results for
from Black Desert M

CSS is designed to control the size, thickness, color, font, alignment and position of various components on the web page… and so on.

CSS also has a core function, which is to set repeated things only once. For example, all buttons on my website must use red background color and white text, then we will take onenamecalled in CSSclass

Then set which CSS properties it needs for this class, as well as the values ​​of these properties, and then as long as the class is applied to each HTML tag, these HTML tags will have the same CSS style settings. Of course, if the CSS is modified , all tags that apply the same class will also be affected

3. A few questions about HTML and CSS

Q: Can CSS change the original HTML content of a website?

The answer is no! !Because CSS is only responsible for adjusting the appearance style, the original structure and content cannot be changed, just like we have only two eyes originally, and we can’t give birth to a third eye through makeup (don’t mention artificial makeup, that’s still fake eyes) unless you have plastic surgery

Image search results for

And plastic surgery, in the web page is to modify the structure and content of HTML

Q: Are you writing programs when you write HTML and CSS?

It’s not!No matter which programming language you write, it will help you calculate and produce results according to the formula you write, but HTML and CSS do not have the ability to calculate, so if you write “1+1=”, it will only be displayed on the web page” 1+1=”, HTML and CSS will not give you the answer of “2”

For a more comprehensive understanding, please refer to

HTML&CSS: How to optimize website design and construction

Second, CSSViewer plug-in recommendation (easy and fast)

CSSViewerIt is an extension of the Chrome browser and is a tool specially used to check the CSS style of web pages. Its advantage is that after installation, just click on the block to be viewed, and the detailed CSS style content can be displayed immediately. You can know, the style setting value of this webpage block!

1. Download/Install

Download link: Chrome Web Store

2. Enable CSSViewer

After installation, behind the URL bar, you will see the icon of CSSViewer. When you want to view the CSS style of the web page, click the icon again to open CSSViewer, and click again to close CSSViewer

3. How to use

After clicking the software icon, move the mouse cursor to the webpage, the software will automatically detect the CSS style setting of the block you specified, and display it

The advantage of CSSViewer is that it can easily assign elements to the screen and display the CSS style applied to it, but the disadvantage is that you cannot know how CSS is written.

Is CSS specified directly on this HTML tag?
Or is it affected by CSS from other tags?

Is CSS specified directly on this HTML tag? Or is it affected by CSS from other tags?

This is very important for people who need to write or rewrite CSS styles, because they must find the true corresponding writing method of CSS, and the following is what web designers and web front-end engineers must use.Chrome Browser Developer Tools

3. Chrome browser developer tools (advanced tools)

Chrome Browser Developer ToolsIt is a tool that web developers must use. It is mainly built into the Chrome browser. As long as you are using the Chrome browser, move the mouse over an element (image, text, etc.), click the mouse Right click and select from the menu that opensan examination,The browser will open a screen like this

Don’t worry if you don’t look like me. After clicking the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the window, there will be options to change the presentation of the tool, as shown below

1. Introduction to developer tools

The developer tools have many functions, but here we mainly introduce two parts that web designers must use. The purple block on the left is the HTML of the web page, and the blue block on the right is the CSS style setting.

At this time, we can start to find the CSS settings of each element!

2. Find the CSS style that HTML is applied to

Because I just right-clicked on the website LOGO and used the check, the developer tools will automatically use a light blue background to mark the HTML location of my LOGO image. When the mouse cursor is moved to the HTML tag, the webpage screen will also be marked synchronously. , where you are choosing, you can now try it out on my page

After clicking on the HTML tag, the CSS block on the right will also display the CSS applied to the HTML tag.At this time, the sharp-eyed you may find that there are so many CSS settings applied, and some are repeatedly crossed out.

In a simple explanation, it is because HTML tags are written in a hierarchical relationship, just like the way the HTML on the left is presented, and the HTML needs to be spread out layer by layer, like an onion.

The outermost setting affects all HTML inwards. For example, if I set the background CSS to be red in the outermost HTML, as long as the tags below this layer of HTML will be affected, unless the HTML in this layer sets the background separately Color, it will be based on the innermost

You can also think of it as a concept of inheritance. When my grandpa is bald, my father and even me are very likely to be bald, because of genetic inheritance, unless I will be bald right now. The baldness gene is removed, otherwise my future children and grandchildren should be bald. The same is true for the hierarchical impact of HTML setting CSS. The more the outer layer, the greater the impact.

3. Set CSS to see the effect

existChrome Developer ToolsHTML and CSS and any other modifications made in the web page, you can immediately see the changes of the web page, and they will not be saved, so rearranging the web page will restore the original state.

Now take my website as an example, if I want to change the right side title text to red, I will point my mouse cursor to the title text, right click and selectviewI can find the HTML and CSS settings for the title

At this time, I will find where the CSS that actually controls the color of the title is written at the moment (the commonly used CSS properties I have arranged at the bottom), the word “last true” is as I said above, because of the hierarchical relationship, it is trapped A lot of CSS properties are used, usually the top CSS is the last CSS applied

As shown below, the purple line isclass namethe blue line controls the text colorCSS properties

At this time, you can try to modify the CSS value at the blue line (click directly with the mouse), as shown below

Then not every CSS value is set from the beginning, but you can also click on the blank block to add a new CSS property, and the page will have an immediate effect.

CSS common syntax lazy package below the article

4. How to simulate a mobile phone screen on a computer

Because of the popularity of smart phones, RWD web pages will look different on mobile phones. Is there any way to simulate it on the computer?

the answer is:some

The developer tools have a phone emulator, the enable button is in the upper left corner of the developer tools window

After clicking on it, the web page will appear as a simulator (the developer tools will be displayed on the right side of the window first), and you can choose different device sizes at the purple line!

This is mainly used to see if the mobile version has a running version, but some operations will inevitably be a little different from the mobile version, but it is very convenient!

Five, commonly used CSS syntax lazy package

Text CSS

font CSS

backView CSS

insideDistance CSS

Border CSS

Attributes describe
border Shorthand property to set properties for four edges in one declaration.
border-style Used to style all borders of an element, or for each side individually.
border-width Shorthand property to set the width for all borders of the element, or for each side border individually.
border-color Shorthand property to set the color of the visible part of all borders of the element, or set the color for each of the 4 sides.
border-bottom Shorthand property for setting all properties of the lower border into one declaration.
border-left Shorthand property to set all properties of the left border into one declaration.
border-right Shorthand property for setting all properties of the right border into one declaration.
border-top Shorthand property to set all properties of the top border into one declaration.

Margin CSS

The above sources come fromW3C website

6. Conclusion

CSSViewer and Chrome’s Developer Tools have different advantages

If you just want to know the value currently set by the CSS of the web page, CSSViewer is very convenient and fast

But if you need to modify and write CSS, you must be able to use developer tools, so that there is a way to actually set CSS on the right HTML tags

If my instructions still can’t make you understand how to operate, here is one I recommend beforeUdemybeen onHexagon CollegeFree teaching course, the course mainly explains the operation and application of Chrome developer tools, the first chapter has related instructions, maybe watching the video will be more clear than the picture!

Click me to go to free teaching courses

In addition, if you want to know more about HTML and CSS, you may wish to refer to the following books!

HTML&CSS: How to optimize website design and construction

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【2022 Clone App vs Parallel Space 平行空間 比較】 Android 手機上運行雙開程式的最佳選擇

雖然我們可以在 gmail、Twitter Instagram 等中運行兩個,但仍然有很多應用程序不提供此服務。



Parallel Space 是一款允許您在 Android 手機上運行同一應用程序的兩個實例的應用程序。 如果您想在一部 Android 手機上為一個應用程序使用兩個帳戶,這將很有幫助。 大多數情況下,您可以同時克隆和運行同一應用程序的多個實例。 但多年來,Parallel Space 已經變得肥胖,現在它會導致更快的電池消耗。 即使屏幕關閉,它也會在後台耗盡電池電量。


值得慶幸的是,並行空間應用程序沒有其他替代方案,其中之一是 克隆應用.


首先克隆應用 沒有廣告。

克隆應用程序是一個了不起的應用程序,它為您提供了使用不同帳戶運行應用程序的簡潔選項。 簡而言之,您的任何應用程序都可以通過多個帳戶運行,即使它不支持它。

您可以為 Facebook 和 Instagram 等社交應用程序或《部落衝突》或《權力的遊戲》等遊戲創建許多帳戶。 該應用程序創建一個虛擬空間,您可以在其中運行這些應用程序。

這樣,您就無需擁有不同的設備或註銷並登錄許多應用程序。 克隆應用程序是適用於幾乎所有 Android 設備的應用程序。

更多開放的應用程序仍然在獨立的環境中運行,安全性和功能性不會受到任何影響,並且可以接收來自 App 的通知消息。 使用過程中不會出現卡死等情況。

另一個很棒的事情是它不需要root權限。 它適用於任何 android 設備,並將幫助您在應用程序的帳戶之間切換。 它非常適合社交網絡和遊戲。


如果您閱讀了整篇文章,您可能已經得到了問題的答案。 克隆應用程序是運行同一應用程序的兩個實例的更好和更方便的選擇,而不必被廣告淹沒並消耗更多的額外 RAM。在這裡查看以下載.

[如何通過最快 Brave Browser 瀏覽器賺取加密貨幣

Brave 專注於隱私 瀏覽器 這旨在防止其用戶被在線跟踪。 這在很大程度上意味著阻止廣告商跟踪您,這會破壞許多網站賺錢的主要方式。 然而,Brave 的製造商不僅對等式的隱私方面感興趣。 他們的目標之一是從根本上改變網站賺錢的方式,使用基於以太坊的 BAT(基本注意令牌)加密貨幣 區塊鏈. 像這樣的新聞和信息網站——以及它們的讀者——尤其會從這個概念中受益。 它會流行起來嗎? 很難說,但是將權力(以及所涉及的部分資金)轉移到用戶手中是一個有吸引力的想法。


勇敢,就像 Chrome, 邊緣、Opera 和 Vivaldi 均基於 Google 的開源 Chromium 瀏覽器代碼,因此兼容、快速且熟悉。 它也有一些獨特的功能:內置廣告攔截和網絡跟踪保護,它的隱私瀏覽模式可以使用 Tor 隱藏你的流量,它包括一個內置的 BitTorrent 實用程序,它提供了一個加密貨幣錢包。

BAT 系統只有在許多網站利用它所提供的優勢時才會起飛:無廣告內容支持和讓用戶通過關注網站的廣告來賺錢。 Brave 聲稱有超過 500,000 名內容創作者和出版商參與了該計劃。 該公司還提出了一個令人信服的案例,即如今網絡上的大部分廣告資金都流向了谷歌和 Facebook,而不是實際的內容髮布者。

如何使用 Brave 賺取加密貨幣?

前提很簡單:如果您忍受觀看 Brave Ads(推送通知,而不是頁面展示廣告),您可以獲得少量 BAT。 相反,如果您想越過網站的付費牆並無廣告觀看,您需要為該網站貢獻一點 BAT。

在使用瀏覽器幾個小時後,我發現我已經賺了 7 美分,所以雖然這不是為了辭掉你的日常工作,但將其推斷為每天幾個小時可以幫助填充你的數字儲蓄罐。 無論如何,加密貨幣的目的是為信息網站提供資金,而不是為你謀生。 在下面了解如何設置所有這些。


Brave 最近出現在科技新聞中,原因有好有壞。 第一,好的:喜劇演員、播客和電視名人 喬·羅根 給了瀏覽器一個提振,說他更喜歡它與 DuckDuckGo 搜索引擎相比,谷歌的產品。 “他們沒有在看你的內衣。他們沒有在你的指甲下檢查,”羅根說。

不利的一面是,一位 Twitter 用戶發現,如果您在其中鍵入某些加密貨幣網站地址,則 URL 會更改為提供 勇敢地使用會員鏈接. 儘管這與 Chrome 和其他瀏覽器所做的沒有太大區別,但 Brave 首席執行官 Brendan Eich 表示:“自動完成默認值的靈感來自所有瀏覽器都執行的搜索查詢 clientid 屬性,但與關鍵字查詢不同,輸入的 URL 應該轉到域名,沒有任何添加。對不起這個錯誤——我們顯然不完美,但我們很快糾正了方向。” 這似乎是一個問題,雖然為一位 Twitter 用戶提供了一個“陷阱”時刻,但對大多數用戶來說並不重要,而且它不會影響隱私——或者你賺取 BAT 加密貨幣和修復網頁上的廣告混亂的能力。



你從 勇敢者網(在新窗口中打開). 安裝程序適用於 Windows、macOS 和 Linux(Debian 9+、Ubuntu 14.04+ 和 Mint 17+ 發行版)。 這是一個很小的下載,然後下載並安裝瀏覽器軟件,類似於其他 Chromium 瀏覽器的方式。 在磁盤上,瀏覽器在安裝時佔用 495MB; 不完全輕盈,但 Chrome 也是如此。


註冊 提示與技巧 獲取專家建議的時事通訊,以充分利用您的技術。

本通訊可能包含廣告、交易或附屬鏈接。 訂閱時事通訊即表示您同意我們的 使用條款隱私政策. 您可以隨時取消訂閱時事通訊。

2023|2024 10 款最佳流量交換平台 (Best Hitleap Alternatives Trafffic Exchange)

您是否正在尋找最好的 Hitleap 替代品? 如果是這樣,本文將為您提供有關流量交換服務的最佳選擇的信息。

在最近技術不斷發展的時代,內容創建和流量生成已成為重要的行業參與者。 考慮到這一點,內容創建者必須花費數小時為他們的觀眾創建有價值的內容。 他們同樣需要花費大量精力來產生流量。 這可能非常令人厭煩和緊張。

那麼,您如何確保您不會以流量產生的名義筋疲力盡? 嗯,有幾種解決方案,使用流量交換平台就是其中之一。 這就是 HitLeap 的用武之地。它有助於承擔所有繁重的工作,並讓您輕鬆獲得網站流量。

使用流量生成平台至關重要,因為它可以節省時間和精力。 他們可以幫助您在更短的時間內完成更多的工作。 此外,這是一種安全可靠的方式,可以增加您與觀眾的互動。 話雖如此,讓我們看看 HitLeap,他們提供的服務,以及為什麼你需要一個替代方案。

什麼是 HitLeap?

HitLeap 是領先的流量交換服務,可幫助您為網站帶來更多流量。 這是一個系統,可以有效地確保您為您的網站獲得所需的流量。

該平台自 2008 年推出以來已投放市場很長時間。它是一家總部位於香港的公司,但向世界各地的任何人提供服務。 根據其評論,它是一個產生流量的絕佳平台。 此外,它們具有非常用戶友好的功能,可在整個過程中提供幫助。

他們也有不同的選項供您作為用戶選擇。 以下是其中一些用戶選項及其工作方式。

這是 HitLeap 的主要功能。 它的工作原理是允許您訪問人們的網站並獲得流量。 然後,您獲得的信用將用於讓其他人訪問您的網站。 這是一項免費服務,允許您添加多個需要流量的網站。 但是為了讓您使用他們的服務,您需要安裝他們提供的軟件。 您可以下載適用於 Windows 或 Ubuntu 的 HitLeap Viewer。

    • HitLeap 多查看器選項

在桌面上安裝軟件後,您將能夠使用多個 HiLeapViewer 選項。 您將從該選項中獲得積分,但需要不同的計算機來執行此操作。 這是快速賺取積分並為您的網站獲得流量的好方法。

這是為您的網站獲取流量的最有效和最快的方式。 您可以直接從 HitLeap 購買流量並立即開始查看結果。

通過將人們推薦給 HitLeap,您可以快速獲得網站流量。 他們為您提供了一個邀請鏈接,您可以與他人分享。 一旦他們輸入您的鏈接,您將獲得 10% 的命中佣金或 25% 的現金佣金。

為什麼使用 HitLeap 替代品?

使用 HitLeap 替代品

儘管是為您的網站交換和購買流量的絕佳平台,但 HitLeap 也有其缺點。 出於這個原因,您可能需要一個更好的替代方案,或者更確切地說,是一家具有相同門檻的公司。

事實是,有很多平台可以提供比 HitLeap 更好的服務。 但是,您為什麼還要考慮另一種選擇呢? 以下是一些原因。


要使用 HitLeap 服務,您必須安裝他們的軟件。 這不值得壓力,因為其他提供商無需軟件即可提供相同的服務。

2. 你不能隨便用任何電腦

由於您必須安裝他們的軟件才能使用該平台,因此您必須始終關閉您的設備。 您不能簡單地使用任何計算機登錄您的帳戶並開展業務。 這是一個重大缺點,因為並非每次您都靠近計算機。

3. 僅兼容 Windows 和 Ubuntu

HitLeap 軟件僅適用於 Windows 和 Ubuntu 計算機。 如果您有 Mac,您將無法訪問他們的服務。 許多平台允許您獲得流量,而不會對您擁有的設備類型有任何問題。

4. 已關閉

HitLeap 已關閉 6th 2021 年 12 月。目前尚不清楚他們為什麼只是通過提供有關其計劃的通知而關閉。 他們還使用官方電子郵件為任何查詢提供客戶支持。 隨著這種情況的出現,可能是時候開始尋找替代方案了。 還有很多其他的流量交換平台。 但是,哪些是最好的? 當我們解開您可以在那裡找到的最佳 HitLeap 替代方案時,請堅持住。

最佳 HitLeap 替代品


最好的 HitLeap 替代品列表中的第一名是 Easyhits4u。 它是一個網站推廣平台,有助於為其會員生成高質量的廣告。 您可以使用該平台快速吸引更多訪問者訪問您的網站,從而提高您的受眾規模和收入。

該平台於 2003 年推出,處於行業領先地位。 他們精通潛在客戶開發,並已投放超過 43 億條廣告。 此外,該公司擁有超過 170 萬會員。 它的平均每日頁面瀏覽量為 218,612。

該平台將為您提供各種功能,包括輕鬆的網絡和營銷。 他們還提供友好且響應迅速的客戶支持。

Hit4Hit 是一個提供社交媒體和內容營銷服務的新網站。 該平台允許您搜索和查看其他人在各種社交媒體網站上所做的事情並跟踪他們的進度。 它還顯示了您的帖子如何針對目標受眾進行優化,以實現最大效果。 您可以外包您的社交媒體帖子或使用該平台自己創建它們。

該平台還可以幫助您在各種社交媒體網站上跟踪您的關注者,以查看哪些關注者最關注您發布的內容。 這使您可以找到更多想要關注或參與您的內容的受眾,這有助於提高參與率。


顧名思義,TrafficG 是一個流量交換平台,可以增加您網站的訪問者數量。 他們向會員提供免費服務,並保證您網站的訪問者數量。

該平台還帶來了大量的訪問量。 1:1 的兌換比例是他們承諾的事情之一。 他們還推廣無限的網站並提供 5 級獎勵計劃。 此外,它們還具有地理定位功能並支持超過 38 種語言。

如果您想要更好的服務、更多的功能和更多的站點訪問,您可以升級。 為此,您只需支付 4.66 美元並期待特定功能。 但是,如果您需要網站的即時流量,您可以以低至 7 美元的價格購買。


另一個優秀的網站流量交換平台是eBesucher。 它的工作方式與 HitLeap 幾乎相同,但提供了更加用戶友好的界面。 因此,它是 HitLeap 的最佳選擇之一。 在這裡,您可以通過訪問其他人的網站獲得積分。 他們還有一個 eBesucher 出價選項,可讓您選擇流量的點數。

他們還提供免費訪客作為新會員的促銷活動。 最重要的是,他們啟用了地理定位,讓您可以選擇流量來自的國家/地區。 SEO 優化和排名也是您可以在此平台上找到的出色功能。


Websyndic 是一個流量交換平台,其係統可幫助您吸引更多訪問者訪問您的網站。 他們有許多用戶每天交換成千上萬的流量。 為了使它更好,他們的服務是免費的,任何人都可以訪問它們。

該系統具有許多出色的功能。 這包括增加您的廣告收入、提高您的排名位置等等。 註冊並開始使用該平台也很簡單。 要開始,請提交您要訪問的網站。 從那裡,您可以通過訪問其他人的網站來賺取積分; 然後,信用將用於為您提供訪問者。

您也可以通過向其他人推薦 Websyndic 來吸引訪問者。 該平台非常人性化,並擁有專業的客戶支持。


如果您需要一個免費的網站流量交換平台,那麼 Bighits4u 就在這裡。 它是 HitLeap 的最佳選擇之一。 該平台具有許多獨特的功能,包括地理定位。

Bighits4u 的另一個好處是他們的跳出率很低。 他們還擁有一個由大約 100 萬快樂用戶組成的全球社區。 此外,他們的流量交換平台是免費的。

您可以在移動端和桌面端使用該平台進行流量交換。 它還與許多瀏覽器兼容,包括 chrome、firefox、Microsoft edge 和opera mini。 他們擁有合法的流量來源、自然關鍵詞和更長的訪問時間。


AutoWebSurf 是一個提供高質量流量交換的網站。 他們的系統會自動將流量傳送到會員想要的網站。 他們接受各種各樣的社交頁面和視頻。

它具有頂級功能,包括真實質量的流量和可調節的視圖計時器。 他們還具有每小時流量控制,並且可以隱藏推薦人以使您匿名。 這個平台的跳出率也很低,可以在不同的IP上進行會話。

與其他提供商不同,他們提供高達 25% 的推薦現金收入。 此外,您的網站可以作為橫幅和文字廣告發布。


顧名思義,Organic Hit 是最好的流量交換平台之一。 它提供了卓越的功能,可以成為 HitLeap 的最佳替代品。 有許多功能和用戶友好的界面為您提供與眾不同的體驗。

它的所有操作也是完全自動化的。 這包括付款、購買和其他會話。 一旦您開始交換流量或購買套餐,您就會立即開始吸引訪問者。 它還具有一個可以讓您控制支出的功能。

除了安全可靠之外,他們還有專業的專家為您提供支持。 如果您需要任何幫助,他們的 24/7 小時支持將派上用場。


10KHits 是最重要的流量交換之一,您可以嘗試作為 HitLeap 的替代品。 他們為其會員提供免費的 500,000 交通積分套餐。 它具有比大多數其他平台更高級的功能。 其中一項功能是他們的免費計劃,可幫助您吸引訪問者訪問您的網站。

如果您需要更高級的功能,可以隨時升級。 商業計劃書有很多額外的優勢。 這包括其負擔能力; 每月只需​​ 29 美元,您就可以訪問此服務。

您還可以購買助推器包,它附帶 200,000 個交通點,每月只需 20 美元。 該套餐還提供每月 10 美元的選項,包含 40 個網站。


Rankboostup 是另一個很棒的免費網站流量交換平台。 如果您希望增加網站的訪問量,我們強烈推薦這個平台。 該平台具有大多數其他提供商所沒有的許多獨特功能。

它使您即使在移動設備上也能使用它。 他們的地理定位功能非常棒。 此功能允許您設置您希望流量來自何處。 您還可以決定應該來自哪個平台。 這包括谷歌、Facebook、Instagram、Twitter 和 Pinterest。

它們的跳出率低,並提供可擴展的結果。 您還可以獲得專用軟件和 24/7 客戶支持。


雖然 HitLeap 是一個很好的流量交換平台,但它們已經退出市場。 因此,您應該盡快尋找替代方案。 我們上面討論的所有其他選項都將派上用場,以增加您的網絡流量。 它們都具有不同的功能,可幫助您始終產生出色的結果。

請務必檢查最適合您需求的功能。 您還應該檢查價格和他們支持的內容類型。

2023|2024 的十大競爭對手最佳流量交換平台 ( Competitors & Alternatives )


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  • 5 tips to turn you into an IG sensation!

    Source of the first image:getchute

    Worried about your lack of Instagram exposure? In fact, the most fundamental solution is to increase the number of followers.

    Let’s take a look at what IG users are doing? According to the “Instagram Taiwan User Behavior Survey” commissioned by Nielsen last year, 18-34 years old are active users of IG, and most of them are women. Most of the female users pursue fashion and trends, and some people like to share wonderful things; while men like to try new things.

    IG’s main visual social mode, image stimulation makes personal or brand images easy to remember, coupled with its tagging and commenting functions, can cause huge community connections. The founder of Headbands of Hope, a brand specializing in designing hairbands, shared that among all the social platforms set up by the brand, IG has the highest return on investment. Because in addition to likes, followers will also leave comments to tag friends, and some people will even upload their own clothes with the words “Headbands” and tag them with Headbands. In other words, when you add a follower to your IG, it can bring a “1+N” exposure effect.

    (image source:smartM)

    Exposure is the key to marketing and is closely related to the number of followers. If you want to increase the number of followers of your brand on IG, you can effectively use the following five tips to increase the number of followers.

    One, focus on photo appearance and promotion

    Young people are the main users of IG, and they are sensitive to images. There are tens of millions of new photos on IG every day. If you want others to follow you, you must first make the photos more impressive and catch the attention of the masses. Paul Webster, head of brand development at IG Asia Pacific, once said that there are three keys to high-profile images: presenting a moving brand logo, consistent product imagery, and pictures in the form of storytelling.

    Also, because the chances of users automatically searching for you are very low. Therefore, it is necessary to take the initiative, such as placing advertisements to increase exposure, and allowing photos to actively appear on the user’s dynamic wall.

    2. Cooperate with big coffee users

    First of all, who are the target customers? Then find an influential user with a large number of followers to cooperate with. Partner with opinion leaders. Another method is to provide the serial number used for product promotion, and pay the big coffee users according to the activation quantity of the serial number.

    Third, leave a message under the photos of other users

    Comments are better than likes when interacting with other people on other accounts! Because the number of likes is always greater than the number of comments, and users will pay more attention to comments with textual content, and then notice your account. Don’t forget to target your target customer base to make sure they are interested in you.

    Fourth, find a way to let users tag friends

    Sending an article allows users to actively leave a message, tag (tag) friends’ photos and text content, such as tagging two friends to draw a lottery or send a gift. Or use the sharing mentality. When your photos are novel and interesting enough, users will want to invite friends to watch. Another method is emotional echoes. For example, Snoopy’s official IG often uploads illustrations of some friendship stories. Users may associate some friends and mark them when they see the pictures.

    Fifth, tell users about yourbrand or businessvalue

    Each user joins or cancels account tracking is just a matter of click, so you should share with users the reason for tracking you, what is the value of this brand or business? Take Headbands of Hope, a charity that focuses on helping girls with cancer. For every hairband consumers buy, they send an identical to the sick child and post a photo on social media. Use practical actions to cooperate with the power of social media to specifically display the brand’s concept and image to attract users’ recognition and attention.

    (image source:smartM)

    Global current events are unpredictable, fast track the big numbers and gather on FB, giving you a different perspective

    tracking large numbers

    分類 IG 標籤

    Disqus is a detailed tutorial that allows websites to have a social network form of website message service system and comment box

      Disqus 是一个可以在自己网站加入社群网路形式的留言服务,本文将会介绍多种安装的方法(包含手动安装、AMP 版安装),以及针对网站管理员可能会遇到的问题或设定做完整的步骤教学与相关内容(例如:改为繁体中文、移除广告、加速等等)。

    1 前言

      近年来,有许多网站或部落格在网页下方使用了 Disqus 留言评论框,到底什么是 Disqus 呢?为什么那么多网站要使用 Disqus 呢?

      Disqus 是一家利用社群网路的形式,并向各种网路社区(例如:网路论坛、部落格等等)提供网站留言服务的公司,并提供了许多不同功能的平台,像是不同社群网路服务连结(例如提供 Disqus、Facebook、Twitter、Google 等帐号登入,但也提供匿名留言)、社群网路、用户个人档案、垃圾宣传及审核工具、资料分析、电子邮件通知和在行动装置留言等等。

      在 2011 年的时候,在 Quantcast 的美国网路排名报告中,Disqus 显示第一,一个月单次访问美国的次数高达 1.44 亿的独立用户存取。在许多知名的网站(如:CNN、每日电讯报和 IGN 等)和大约七十五万个网站(包含部落格)上,都使用了 Disqus 的留言系统。Disqus 在 2017 年 12 月 5 日的时候被 Zeta global 收购了。

      而在两、三年前热门一时的第三方留言系统,包含了 Google+ 留言、多说等等,这些曾经热门的留言系统如今却关闭了,若有在这些倒闭的第三方评论框留言,则在关闭后就一去不复返了,所以选择一款能够长久经营、不容易关闭的第三方留言系统才是较好的选择。而 Disqus 则是目前全球热门的留言系统之一,也是非常老牌的第三方留言系统,同时也被营销公司 Zeta global 以九千万美元所收购,较容易长久经营,不容易倒闭。

      目前除了 Facebook 留言框以外,再来最多网站使用的留言评论框就是 Disqus 了。虽然 Disqus 的竞争对手像是 IntenseDebate、Livefyre 及 Echo 等等,但是较不为人知、热门程度较小。同时 Disqus 所使用的留言系统是以社群网路的形式,也就是可以查看 Disqus 用户在不同网站有哪些留言,形成一个留言用户在不同网站的互通,能够增加许多人流。

      另外,Disqus 所提供的留言评论框可以提供网站管理员导入与导出留言数据,使用 WordPress 平台还可以同步留言,所以可以让管理员随时备份,不会被留言平台绑死,像 Facebook 留言框等系统接不能让网站管理员导出留言数据,如果像之前 Google+留言框、多说等平台那样倒闭,留言就再也拿不回来了,所以在留言数据能够备份或与网站同步的情况下,Disqus 是很好的选择。

      另外,网站安装 Disqus 留言评论框后,网站浏览者留言或发表留言时,留言数据与留言框都是经由 Disqus 的主机(服务器)所提供的,能一定程度上减少网站主机的负荷(因为网站就不必有大量留言的数据写入与读取),也能够避免黑帽骇客与垃圾留言机器人的攻击,也能够达到提升速度,以及增加 SEO 的效果。

    2 建立帐户

      要在网站中安装 Disqus 之前,要先注册一个 Disqus 帐号,才顺利的在网页中载入 Disqus 的留言评论框,并且使用后台查看留言的数据与分析,请先至「Disqus 官方网站」首页点击上方的「Get Started」按钮进入注册页面,并输入注册资讯后按「Signup」按钮以获得 Disqus 帐号。

    3 安装

      Disqus 安装在自己网站的方法有许多种,包含了在各类架站平台(例如:WordPress、Drupal、Joomla 等等)中安装,以及直接用程式码直接手动的安装方式,但如果是要安装在 AMP 网页的话也是有的,只不过会比较复杂,以下介绍几种最常见的安装方式,读者只要选择其中一种安装即可。

      Disqus 官方所提供的架站平台的安装方式是最快速、最方便的方法,官方也有安装的步骤教学,只要按照指示做,就能够安装完成。目前官方所提供的安装平台有 WordPress、Blogger、Tumblr、Squarespace、TypePad、Movable Type、Drupal、Joomla、Wix、Weebly、Strikingly、Jekyll、Ghost、HubSpot、Shopigy、AdobeMuse、Jimdo、、Pattern 等等,有使用这些平台的读者可使用此方法安装。

      目前最多人使用的架站平台应该就是自架的 WordPress 了,可以直接到 WordPress 后台的外挂(插件)功能中,搜寻 Disqus 并快速安装,至于其它的架站平台可以到 Disqus 官网参阅安装说明,在此不再说明。

      虽然使用 Disqus 官方所提供的架站平台安装方法可能是最快、最方便的方式,但是如果有独立手动安装的需求,像是想要自行更改程式码以符合自身网站的需求(像是改样式、更动显示位置等等),或是除了官方所提供的架站平台之外,或者直接黏贴在一般的 HTML 档中,亦或者想要手动独立安装以减少数据查询次数以降低主机负荷等因素,那么 Disqus 也提供使用程式码的方式可以使用,只要将以下官方所提供的程式码贴到想要显示的网页中即可。

      上方的程式码默认会根据所在的网址显示该网址的留言,但是如果要统一网址(避免不同网址但相同内容),或者需要不同网页但用同一个留言,那么可以手动修改程式码中该页面的网址 ( 和识别码 ( 等参数,而原始官方的程式码是把这两个参数给屏蔽的,所以要改成以下的程式码,记得网址和识别码要修改。

      若网站是使用 WordPress 架站平台架设,那么可以使用 WordPress 本身的参数来自动获取网址 (get_permalink()) 和识别码 (the_ID()),以下程式码为例。

      AMP 的全名为「Accelerated Mobile Pages」(中文译为「加速行动页面」),是由 Google 所领头的开放原始码专案,其目的是利用 AMP HTML、AMP JS 和 AMP Cache 三个部分让行动装置的网路存取速度有所提升。关于更多有关 AMP 的介绍与 AMP 系统的安装在网路上已有许多资讯,有需要的读者可自行查询参阅,以下将直接针对 已经安装好 AMP 系统的网站如何再安装 Disqus 留言评论框。

      在 AMP 的网页中要使用需要网页渲染的元件(例如:JavaScript 等)或外部档案(例如:外连 CSS、iframe、社交平台元件等等)时,都需要引入 AMP 专案所规定的格式。而 Disqus 本身是使用 JavaScript 的方式来调用留言评论框,但是 AMP 专案中并不能直接使用 JavaScript 也没有 Disqus 的元件,所以必须把 Disqus 贴在非 AMP 的网页(一般的 HTML 档)中,并使用 AMP 专案所提供的 AMP iframe 来调用 Disqus。

      首先,因为要使用 iframe 的方式调用 Disqus,所以要在 AMP 网页原始码 HTML 档的「</head>」位置之前,将以下 AMP 专案的 iframe 元件的程式码写入

      将 AMP iframe 元件的程式码引入后,接着创建一个新的 HTML档(非 AMP 网页),并将以下的 Disqus 程式码贴到此档中,并将新的档案上传到其它不同的域名中保存(以下举例以「disqus-amp.html」为保存的档案名称,可自行取其它名称),也就是此档案的域名不能与原本要显示 Disqus 留言评论框的网页相同,并且请记得将程式码里的「」中的「EXAMPLE」改成你自己在 Disqus 所设定的域名名称。

      以上将 Disqus 程式码在非 AMP 的网页安装好后,最后在要显示的 AMP 网页当中加入 iframe 调用 Disqus 的程式码。在要显示 Disqus 的 AMP 网页当中,请将以下的程式码贴到要显示的位置,请记得要将程式码里的「」改成刚刚新创好的档案网址。

      另外,若网站为使用 WordPress 系统所架设,可以将以上的程式码中加上开启留言才显示的判断式,并且网址与识别码可以改成 WordPress 系统内的参数,并请记得一定要把程式码内的「」一样改成新创档案的网址。

      以上做好准备后,即可在 AMP 页面是否有正常显示 Disqus 评论留言框,如果没显示则可以到 Disqus 后台的「Site Advanced Settings」(Disqus > Admin > Site > Advanced),并将自己网站的域名加入至「Trusted Domains」当中,基本上就可以顺利地看到 AMP 网页载入 Disqus 的留言评论框了。

      另外,由于 amp-iframp 不允许使用非加密的「http」连线,所以域名记得开启 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 凭证,并且程式码中的网址务必使用「https」连线。

    4 进阶设定

      在以上内容中,就已经针对 Disqus 的各种安装方法做教学说明,只要正确安装完成后,基本上就可以成功地在网页中显示 Disqus 留言评论框了,但是如果还要更进一步的做一些设定,让 Disqus 留言评论框能够更符合自己的需求,也可以做其它的自定义化设定,本章节将会针对一些读者可能会有需求、有问题的设定做教学说明。

    4.1 允许匿名留言

      在安装好 Disqus 之后,系统预设是不能够匿名留言的,必须要登入 Disqus、Facebook、Twitter、Google 等帐号之后才能够留言,但事实上可以从后台设定来开启允许访客匿名留言。

      在登入 Disqus 后到系统后台,并到「Admin > Community」的页面,找到「Guest Commenting」的部分,并把「Allow guests to comment」打勾后按页面底下的「Save」按钮保存,网站访客就可以在 Disqus 留言评论框留言时,选择匿名留言了。

    4.2 更改语言设定

      Disqus 的介面预设是以英文为主,但还是可以从后台更改语言的设定。

      更改 Disqus 语言介面最简单快速的方法就是到后台设定了,只要到 Disqus 后台的「Admin > Site > General」后,看到「Language」的项目,选择要设定的语言后按下方的「Save」钮保存后,就可以成功地更改 Disqus 留言评论框的语言了。

      虽然上述讲解了如果快速从 Disqus 后台来更改留言评论框的语言,而且也有中文 (Chinese) 的选项,但预设是却是只有简体中文,而没有繁体中文的选项,如果真的一定要改成繁体中文也是有办法的,要从 Disqus 程式码中修改。

      由于 Disqus 的本地化语言代码是藉由 Transifex 服务平台网站来协做进行的,在「Disqus 翻译项目」中,可以看到许多 Disqus 已经完成或者还在进行翻译的语言项目,其中是有「Chinese (Taiwan)」的语言,而且翻译进度已经达到百分之百完成了。在旧版的页面中将滑鼠移到语言名称上方,会显示出语言的代码,但是不知道为什么现在新版的介面似乎无法显示语言代码了,不过笔者还是在网路上找到以前介面的一些语言代码。

    Disqus 的语言代码
    Disqus 的语言 代码 备注
    英文 中文
    English 英文 en  
    Chinese 中文 zh 简体中文
    Chinese (Taiwan) 中文(台湾) zh_TW 繁体中文

      首先,知道了语言代码后,就要将更改语言的程式码加入至 Disqus 的程式码中了。在 Disqus 程式码中找到以下的程式码。

      在找到上方的程式码后,在其中加入以下程式码以宣告 Disqus 留言评论框此页面所要显示的语言是哪一个,记得更改语言代码。


      虽然可以用以上加入程式码的方法来将 Disqus 留言评论框的语言设定为繁体中文,但是实际测试过后发现只有部分文字能够显示繁体中文,剩下的部分却是显示英文,这代表其实 Disqus 官方并没有完全将留言评论框的语言翻译为繁体中文,只能等待官方日后能够将完整的译文加入了。读者可以自行选择是否还是保留此设定,还是默认英文或改为简体中文。

      除了 Disqus 留言评论框可以更改语言外,如果网站是使用 WordPress 架站平台,或者是有调用 Disqus 的留言数量 API,会发现显示的留言数量是英文的,这时可以将「Comment Count Link」内的「Comments」文字改为中文,保存后就可以更改语言设定了。

      在同一个页面中,还有一个地方也可以针对语言做设定,在「Moderator Badge Text」栏中可以设定管理员在网站的 Disqus 留言评论框留言时,在帐号名称左方所显示的管理员称谓,如果留空 (Mod) 则会显示「General」所设定的语言。

    4.3 加载速度提升

      网页速度是经营网站的其中之一个指标,加速也能够适度的提升 SEO,虽然在网站中加入 Disqus 留言评论框能够增加网站管理者与访客之间的互动性,也能够促进不同网站却能共享 Disqus 帐号的社群网路型态,但不该因此而牺牲掉网页的加载与浏览速度。可能会有网站管理者安装 Disqus 后发现速度有变慢些,因为毕竟是要从第三方加载资源,但还是能够透过一些方法让加载 Disqus 留言评论框的网页速度加快。

      在安装 Disqus 完成后,在浏览有 Disqus 留言评论框的网页时时,会发现即使 Disqus 已经出现了,但是浏览器似乎还在加载一些资源,这是因为 Disqus 留言评论框会载入一些返利连结和追踪连结,如果查看加载的资源会发现有各种不同域名、类型的请求,例如 collect.gif、referrer.php、aff.php 等的档案不停地载入,再加上文章内可能会跑出一些不是自己设定的超连结。

      虽然 Disqus 留言评论框预设是会加载一些网路资源,但其实是可以从 Disqus 官方后台禁止这些资源载入的,只要登陆到 Disqus 后台,并进入到「Admin > Site > Advanced」的页面,并看到「Deeply integrate Disqus with your community.」的部分,并将「Tracking」与「Affiliate links」这两个选项取消后并按「Save」钮保存,完成之后就会发现开启有安装 Disqus 的页面时,在显示 Disqus 留言评论框后就不会再载入其它的资源了。

      在上述说明如何取消 Disqus 的追踪与返利连结后,基本上 Disqus 的载入速度就已经很快了,但是如果觉得加载的速度还不够快的话,可以试试将 Disqus 延后载入,也是能够提升网页加载速度的方法之一。另外,在以下的程式码当中,请记得一定要将「disqus_shortname」改为自己在 Disqus 的 shortname,如果要指定网址和识别码时,可以在 <script> 的后方加上网址和识别码的参数。 方法一:滚动页面延迟加载

      此方法只在网页访客将页面往下移动到靠近 Disqus 留言评论框附近时才开始加载 Disqus,方法只要将安装的方法改为以下的 JavaScript 程式码即可。

      如果想要用 jQuery 库来执行,则可以改为以下的程式码。 方法二:点击开关按钮的延迟加载

      除了滚动页面延迟加载 Disqus 来加速网页以外,如果不想要让访客把网页往下拉时自动加载,或者觉得留言的人数太少不想要自动显示,那么也可以改成让访客手动点击开启 Disqus 留言评论框按钮才显示,不点击时则一直维持隐藏的状态。

      如要使用 JavaSript 来实现此功能可以将以下程式码加入到要显示 Disqus 留言评论框的位置中。

      如果想要使用 jQuery 库的方式,则可以改为以下的程式码。

      保存之后就可以拥有点击开关而显示或隐藏 Disqus 留言评论框的按钮了。如果使用的程式码是 jQuery 版本的,但没有正常显示,请查看网页是否有正常加载 jQuery 库,没有的话请记得引入 jQuery,引入方法在网路上已有许多教学,在此不再赘述。或者改用纯 JavaScript 版的程式码。

    4.4 移除广告

      多数网站或网路服务的经营是需要一定的经费以正常运行,所以很可能会放置广告是在所难免的,尤其像 Disqus 这种留言评论框的服务很可能每时每刻会有数百甚至数千个网站在存取数百、数千条的留言数据,会消耗非常多的网站伺服器资源。

      Disqus 一刚开始服务的时候是完全没有广告的,后来大约是在 2013 年左右的时候(不是很确定确切的时间)开始有广告的,当时可以在 Disqus 的后台自由地把广告关闭,如果不把广告关闭,也可以开启利用 Disqus 所显示的广告作为分润来赚取收入。

      但是后来官方关闭广告分润赚钱,并且强制无法完全取消广告,也就是在三个广告位中(评论留言框的「上方 (Above Comments)」、「评论之间 (In-thread)」、「下方 (Below Comments)」),仅仅可以选择关闭至多两个广告位,最少要保留一个广告位(也可以三个广告位全部开启)。

      不过并不是每个使用 Disqus 的网页都会显示广告,只有在流量足够大的网站才会自动显示广告,若网页浏览量不够大则不会显示广告。但是对于流量较大的网站、部落格的站长来说,应该会有许多人想要把在评论留言框显示的广告给移除,以下介绍几种可以把 Disqus 广告给关闭的方法。

      Disqus 早期从没有广告到有广告时,那时可以在后台自由地把广告给关闭,不需要负任何的费用,但是后来随着服务量增大,已经改成强制一定要开启广告,但是官方提供升级付费帐号可以在后台关闭广告

      前本文前述的安装方法中,有提到如何将 Disqus 放置在 AMP 网页当中,也说明了 AMP 网页不允许使用自定义的 JavaScript,必须要使用 AMP 专案所提供的元件才行。而 Disqus 内的广告也是使用 JavaScript 来调用广告的,正因为如此,如果使用 AMP 网页来安装 Disqus ,很自然而然地广告的程式码就会被阻挡,因此就不会显示 Disqus 的广告了。

      要移除 Disqus 广告还可以只用一段 jQuery 的程式码,就可以解决这个问题了。将以下程式码插入每个有显示 Disqus 留言评论框的网页中,该段程式码会检查 Disqus 留言评论框是否有广告,如果有则会删除广告。注意:请确定网页有引入 jQuery,否则无法正常生效!

      若读者所架设的网站是使用 WordPress 架站平台,那么可以试试使用安装 WordPress 外挂(插件)的方式来移除 Disqus 广告,但是不一定有用,笔者在 WordPress 外挂平台中找到一款名为「Remove Disqus Ads」的外挂,但经测试后发现没有起作用,不晓得是版本的关系或其它原因,所以在此不在深入讨论,有兴趣的读者再自行试试看。

    4.5 其它功能的程式码调用

      Disqus 除了可以在自己的网网站上放上留言评论框的功能外,官方也提供了可以调用 Disqus 的「最新评论」(Recent Comments)、「热门留言」(Top Commenters)、「聚合评论」(Combination) 与「热门文章」(Popular Treads) 等功能,只需要把程式码放在想要显示的网页上即可,例如侧边拦或任何页面。

    4.5.1 最新评论


    • [shortname]:请务必修改成在 Disqus 所注册的 shortname,才可以正常显示,若忘记的话可以到 Disqus 后台查询。
    • num_items:显示数量。
    • excerpt_length:字节长度。
    • hide_mods:隐藏管理员的评论,「0」为显示,「1」为隐藏。
    • hide_avatars:隐藏头像,「0」为显示,「1」为隐藏。
    • avatar_size:头像尺寸,预设大小为「预设 32px」或「48px」。

    4.5.2 热门留言


    • [shortname]:请务必修改成在 Disqus 所注册的 shortname,才可以正常显示,若忘记的话可以到 Disqus 后台查询。
    • num_items:显示数量
    • hide_mods:隐藏管理员的评论,「0」为显示,「1」为隐藏。
    • hide_avatars:隐藏头像,「0」为显示,「1」为隐藏。
    • avatar_size:头像尺寸,预设大小为「预设 32px」或「48px」。

    4.5.3 聚合评论


    • [shortname]:请务必修改成在 Disqus 所注册的 shortname,才可以正常显示,若忘记的话可以到 Disqus 后台查询。
    • num_items:显示数量
    • excerpt_length:字节长度

    4.5.4 热门文章


    • [shortname]:请务必修改成在 Disqus 所注册的 shortname,才可以正常显示,若忘记的话可以到 Disqus 后台查询。
    • num_items:显示数量。

    4.5.5 安装至 AMP 中

      在 AMP 网页中安装「最新评论」、「热门留言」、「聚合评论」与「热门文章」等其它 Disqus 所提供的附加功能,作法与本文前述所说的载 AMP 网页中安装 Disqus 的方法相同。只要先把想要显示的程式码贴在另一个非 AMP 的网页当中(创建一个新的 HTML 档),接着在 AMP 网页引入 AMP iframe 元件并嵌入创建好的新档,就可以在 AMP 网页中正常显示了。实际做法为将以下的程式码贴在要显示的 AMP 网页中,记得更改嵌入的网址。


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    1. 2022/05/17,新增多语言版本。

    Firefox vs. Brave: 哪套瀏覽器更適合您?


    Brave 瀏覽器與其他瀏覽器,使用由 Google 推出的開源代碼開放原始 Chromium 的開源代碼。想要的東西—— 歌劇邊緣 這也是如此。這並不代表所有使用 Chromium 技術的瀏覽器都相同,或本身都開放原始碼。

    Brave 最大的不同內容是 Chromium 的關注與其他用戶隱私權瀏覽時 — 特別是用於廣告的監視、跟踪器、指令等。當您使用 Brave 瀏覽內容時,網站中使用的內容顯示廣告的版位下可以打開天窗更改性。在某些情況下,會無法正確關閉頁面,然後可以安全地使用瀏覽器,或者將“屏蔽”,為“屏蔽”,與保護“屏蔽”功能。

    網際天才網路有很大一部分內容是由廣告來提供收益,讓您實際想要的內容保持免費。勇敢的參與用戶加入勇敢的自己的獎勵(也是他們看到自己的廣告平台)來此商業模式。用戶加入後,Brave 會顯示“尊重隱私權”的廣告,並獲得 Basic Attention Token(簡稱 BAT)的獎勵。從這一點開始,Brave 就可以將BAT花在想的網站或喜歡的貢獻者支持,讓他們將BAT再轉回真實的貨幣。


    在金錢的另一個表面上,Firefox 瀏覽器想把事情想把事情簡單但當擋下多個程序。Firefox 不讓它們加密挖掘與數位指紋追踪器。Firefox 不在乎隱私瀏覽器。不需要展示廣告模式,必須要安裝時任一套能泡的套件會隱藏廣告。

    Brave 有一些安全性功能突出強調,例如它可以自動將網站連線升級為 HTTPS 連線(Firefox 需要安裝擴展包成績優秀)。Brave 與 Firefox 都內建密碼管理員,並可以隨時確認相關信息。Brave可以在開啟新分頁時的性統計網址顯示信息;在火狐瀏覽器中可以點擊安全顯示的屏幕顯示隱私權報告,了解類似的信息。

    重要的是,對於許多人來說,就像 Brave 的基本注意力令牌商業模式可能提供的複雜性,但 Brave 與 Firefox 瀏覽器都能夠保持各種安全且有隱私的上網體驗。


    提到寶貴的 RAM 用量,比 Firefox 更勇敢地使用。Brave 內建了許多功能與附加組件,會增加 RAM 量。但您需要自己安裝“Firefox”等附加組件和其他組件。

    一直以來,介元素的高可自訂取景主題都是 Firefox 與布用戶的最愛,而我們活躍的開發者社區也建立了大量的Firefox 內置開放功能,包含威力強大的擴展功能,可以在原始瀏覽器中或加入更多功能。 截圖工具、易用性功能,還集成了 口袋 — 建立讓用戶能夠快速儲存文章,然後再於任何裝置上閱讀的工具。

    Brave 也應用程序商店的各種瀏覽器功能在 Chrome 瀏覽器在線瀏覽,並提供顯器內建功能,諸如 Brave Rewards 計畫,以及 Google 先前器中直接下載 BT 的支持。

    在設備與作業間同步加密、不同系列、系統資料、附加與其他偏好設置的已經,在 Firefox 推出了許多同步資料加密的,人們可以從獲取功能。

    Firefox也讓用戶免費註冊 火狐賬號註冊 Firefox 後戶口,就可以在不同裝置同步資料,還能主動為您監控電子郵件地址,當您的資料在資料外洩事件時通知您的 火狐監視器 等服務。

    Brave最近推出了在熱門數據作業系統與裝置間同步,與同步Basic Attention Token代幣的功能。

    比較 Firefox 與 Brave 的兩套瀏覽器,它們都提供了完整的隱私保護和安全性設置,從第一次使用就開始受到影響。


    相對而言,Brave 是一個整體又適合瀏覽器的工具,更吸引了各種安全瀏覽器。但從某種意義上來說,Firefox 還是更好地設置、更容易的方案。


    火狐 (81) | 勇敢 (1.14.81)