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Setting (AV TV), unlimited AV channels and videos, watch as you like, completely free of charge. The two systems are now available, so you can install them on your cell phone without being detected because they can be disguised as Setting.

Not only that, but you can also set a password so that it can’t be easily opened.

Stable Version APK Download.
Setting 8.8.5 stable version.apk (GOOGLE download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (1DRV download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (MEDIAFIRE download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (RAPIDGATOR download)
Setting 8.8.5 stable.apk (MEGA download)
File Size: 30.65 MB

Compatible APK Download.
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (GOOGLE download)
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (1DRV download)
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (MEDIAFIRE download)
Setting 8.8.5 Compatible .apk (RAPIDGATOR Download)
Setting 8.8.5 compatible.apk (MEGA download)
File size: 24.27 MB

iOS installation.
Setting.ipa(IWANTAVNOW download)

Setting official website: http://bit.ly/2WxGSKS

Setting IOS installation instruction, 2022 to solve the problem of failure to open / verification

Because this type of APP can not be installed directly through Apple Apple Store, so you need to install through the following special way, this method does not need to jailbreak the phone modified so do not worry about the phone problems

If you are an Android phone, please go to https://www.gdaily.org/18259 to download the APK and install it.

Setting iOS official Testflight installation

Official Site : iwantavnow

Testflight : id899247664

Use the built-in Safari to open the website

Install Testflight first and then go to the website to get the Setting installation link and install it.

If you can’t find the app after installation, you can search for “Setting”.

Setting iOS installation tool download, offline method

We recommend using the Testflight method. If Testflight doesn’t work, try this method again.

If you are not sure which thing to download, please directly download the lazy boy package (which contains all the tools)

Download from the official website (if it doesn’t work, please go to the official website) : https://github.com/iwantavnow/Setting.App/releases/download/b1.3.1-fix/Setting.App-iOS.zip

iTunes standalone package: Download 64-bit Download 32-bit

iCloud standalone package: Download

AltServer Installer: Download 1 Download 2

“Setting cannot be verified” means it has expired, you need to manually remove the app and install it again.

Non-jailbroken devices need to reinstall periodically

Step 1 – Install the driver to connect your phone and computer

Prepare a Windows computer first, install the software inside the download package

Install iTunes64Setup.exe - skip it if it is already installed
Install iCloudSetup.exe - skip if it is already installed
Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via the "cable".
Click "Trust" on your iPhone/iPad and enter your password to complete the connection

You can open iTunes to make sure the device is recognized by the computer correctly

Step 2 – Install AltServer

Install AltServer.msi (for protected computers, please click "Other Information" >> "Still Install")
Start the AltServer program (Start Menu >> AltServer)
Check both "Private Network" and "Public Network", then click "Allow Access".

If you can’t find AltServer, you can search for it at the beginning of the search ALT

Allow access

Step 3 – Install the App via AltServer

Click the Windows AltServer resident icon >> Install App >> iPhone/iPad

If no device is present, please make sure iTunes and iCloud are properly installed and connected to the computer via the original certified cable.

Enter your IOS device account and password (must be the same as on the device)

If this appears, click “OK”.

Step 4 – Mobile Operation Verify the Trusted Enterprise App

After confirming the installation, Setting appears on the desktop (not available at this time).

Next, go to “Settings” > “General” of your device.

Find “Device Management” or “Profile and Device Management” > click “Developer App” and trust it.

Add: The name of “Device Management” may be different depending on the IOS version.

After completing the above steps, click “Setting” to enter

Setting is suddenly no longer available

This is because Microsoft controls the third-party APP, which can only be used for 7 days

You need to manually remove the app and then run the AltServer installation steps again.

It’s really troublesome but it’s the only way, if you JB jailbreak, you can skip this restriction.