【Step by step 】 3 easy ways to crack the site in 1 second to prohibit the selection and copying of text (no software installation)

Often when browsing the Internet, you will find that there are many web sites that cannot be selected for copying, and for those who need to look up relevant information, locking the right button is really annoying. In fact, as long as a simple small steps, you can solve the situation that the text of the web site can not be selected! Come with the editor to see how to do it!

Print Copy Method


Press the right button > Print


You can select copy now!

cache: Copy method

STEP 1 Copy the web address

STEP 2 Open Google, add “cache:” to the left of the URL and click Search

STEP 3 The cache page appears, click “plain text version”.

STEP 4 can be copied!

Allow Copy copying method

STEP 1 Install Allow Copy
Click me to install Allow Copy Chrome Plug-in

STEP 2 Click the Allow Copy button in the upper right corner when you want to copy.

STEP 3 You can copy!