Which live streaming platform is the most popular? Ratings of the Top 6 live streaming platforms!

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live streaming

In the modern era where everyone can be a live streamer, have you caught up with this trend?
Seeing the unlimited potential of live streaming, there are various live streaming platforms in the market, from YouTube, the dominant online video player, to Taiwan’s local 17 live streaming. But with so many platforms, it’s not easy for the average person who just wants to get into live streaming to find the most suitable platform and gain popularity quickly.

Everyone has different reasons and goals for wanting to start live streaming, so this article has selected 6 common live streaming platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, 17 live streaming, and e-commerce platform live streaming), from e-commerce shopping to becoming a self-traffic internet celebrity, to help you easily find the most suitable platform to start streaming!

What is live streaming? The new generation’s favorite new video mode!

What kind of content will make users stay and even look again and again when they open Facebook, Instagram and other social software? The answer is video! In the past two years, people who watch video on their cell phones have added nearly 10 million minutes of viewing time; experts also estimate that by 2021, about 82% of global Internet traffic will be in the form of video.
Live streaming is even better than audio and video. From the data of Facebook Live, we can observe that viewers spend three times more time watching Facebook Live videos than regular videos, and interact with them six times more than regular videos.

The fact that live streaming has overpowered general audio and video and become users’ favorite content format is also due to three major advantages of live streaming.

Bringing the real interaction to the Internet easily

Generally speaking, the interaction between the video creator and the audience is often done through messages. But what if he is like your friend, who can chat and laugh with you in real time? From the mode of live broadcasters replying to viewers’ comments to inviting viewers to join the live broadcast, all of them make up for the interactivity of general video and audio, which greatly enhances viewers’ participation and also increases their willingness to watch.

High authenticity of live video

In addition to interaction, live streaming also successfully creates a higher level of “realism” than general audio and video. Because every movement behind the camera is directly transmitted to the audience, the uneditable nature of the live broadcasters also highlights their on-the-spot reactions and personal charisma. The viewers will therefore have more trust in the content of the live broadcast, and will love and rely on the brand or individual more.

Closer to the audience than the stars

Traditionally, we get to know singers, actors and other celebrities through TV and programs, but this channel keeps us apart from these celebrities. The live broadcast has broken the restriction. In addition to the ability to interact with fans in real time, the content is more themed on life, and vegetarians can also become stars, which makes us feel closer to netizens and live broadcasters than celebrities.

Did you live stream? 3 Purposes – 6 Live Streaming Platforms Compared

Want to open a good live, first you have to find the right live platform. Why do you say that?
A good live broadcast needs the script, the purpose you want to achieve, and most importantly, the most difficult fans. With the popularity of live streaming, different live streaming platforms are specializing in certain types of live shows based on their respective strengths. For example, in games, lifestyle, brand shopping, etc., viewers who want to watch live streaming will go to the corresponding platform to watch, and live streamers want to find the “right audience”.

We analyze the 6 common live streaming platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, 17 live streaming and e-commerce platforms with built-in live streaming systems from three different purposes: “self-media business”, “brand shopping” and “leisure and entertainment”.

I. Self-Media Business

As the dominant player in the video industry, YouTube’s strongest advantage in entering live streaming is that it started with video and has a huge number of users. This feature also attracts many media and netizens with their own traffic to broadcast on it, and of course, YouTubers.

Users who are accustomed to watching videos on YouTube are highly receptive to live streaming and are more receptive to long videos without easily losing interest, making YouTube an excellent channel for gaining a large audience and the platform of choice for media, news and TV programs to switch to live streaming.

However, with the high level of competition on YouTube, it is relatively difficult to gain a following. To accumulate a following through YouTube live streaming, self-media operators need to have a basic fan base and cultivate a loyal following through quality content.

YouTube Live Streaming

As the dominant player in the video industry, YouTube’s strongest advantage in entering live streaming is that it started with video and has a huge number of users. This feature also attracts many media and netizens with their own traffic to broadcast on it, and of course, YouTubers.

Users who are accustomed to watching videos on YouTube are highly receptive to live streaming and are more receptive to long videos without easily losing interest, making YouTube an excellent channel for gaining a large audience and the platform of choice for media, news and TV programs to switch to live streaming.

However, with the high level of competition on YouTube, it is relatively difficult to gain a following. To accumulate a following through YouTube live streaming, self-media operators need to have a basic fan base and cultivate a loyal following through quality content.

Advantages of YouTube Live Streaming.

It has a large number of users and may reach a large number of people
The public is accustomed to watching videos on YouTube and has a high adherence to this platform
❌ Disadvantages of YouTube Live Streaming.

YouTube has a wide range of creators and topics, so it is difficult to reach the target audience directly
Interactivity is weak, and interaction is only possible through comments and live streaming
👤 Who is suitable for YouTube live streaming.

Businesses or media that have a stable and wide range of fans or viewers
YouTubers who have a YouTube channel of their own
YouTubers with a steady stream of shared topics, such as tech product unboxings, current events commentary, etc.

Facebook Live

According to data released by Facebook in early February 2022, Facebook will have 3.59 billion active monthly users worldwide by the end of 2021, a 9% increase over the same period the previous year, creating a solid audience base for Facebook Live. The huge user base and reliance on the community has enabled videos and live streams to spread in an amazing way on Facebook.

In addition to the speed of community distribution, live videos are converted to regular videos for those who do not see them. The easy-to-use interface makes Facebook Live a good choice for getting started with live streaming. In addition, Facebook will also target users who are already following their fan pages, which is an effective way for self-media operators to strengthen fan loyalty and deepen interaction with viewers.

However, like YouTube, there is fierce competition to capture a huge user base. Due to the “community” nature of Facebook, it is important to maintain a high level of interaction with fans and consolidate audience reliance on content in order to achieve success in Facebook live streaming.

Live teaching program on Facebook in Japanese
Figure 2: Live teaching program on Facebook in Japanese
⭕️ Advantages of Facebook live streaming.

Everyone has a Facebook account, so it is easy to reach a wider group of people.
The live video will be kept as general audio and video, which can be tweeted or used more after the live broadcast
Viewers will actively follow interested fans’ pages, which is an effective channel to cultivate loyal fans and deepen interaction
❌ Disadvantages of Facebook live streaming.

Interactivity is weak, and interaction is only possible through comments and live streaming
Facebook will review the content to see if it violates copyright or their policies, and may be banned if it does.
👤 Who is suitable for Facebook live streaming: 👤 Who is suitable for Facebook live streaming?

The interplay of fan pages, clubs and live streaming is ideal for brands to target existing fans and strengthen loyalty
The easy-to-use nature of cell phones makes it ideal for live broadcasts during outdoor events
When the fan page has a stable and sufficient number of fans, it is suitable for live chatting and talking to bring fans closer together.

Instagram Live Broadcast

Although Instagram is a social brand under Facebook, it has similar social interaction and functions, but the user profile is different from that of Facebook because of its limited-time dynamic and photo post format. According to Statista data in October 2021, Instagram users are mainly aged 18-34 (62.2% of the total), and it is easy to attract women and young people, so if your audience is in these two groups, perhaps Instagram is more suitable for you.

In addition, Instagram’s feature of inviting viewers to join the live stream is ideal for self-publishers to chat with viewers, ask questions, and engage in conversational interactions. Operators can broadcast regular live broadcasts on Facebook, while Instagram is for sharing their lives, opinions on events, etc. to help viewers get to know themselves better.

IG users soulsis2014 live broadcast replay
Figure 3: IG user soulsis2014 live broadcast replay
⭕️ Advantages of Instagram Live Streaming.

The number of users is huge, and it is a social software with high adhesion to women and young people, which can reach these groups more precisely.
The tagging and exploring features allow people who don’t follow their accounts to discover their accounts and content, deepening the diffusion.
The live streaming function allows you to chat and interact with your fans directly online, greatly enhancing your interaction with them.
Live videos will be displayed before all other time frames, helping users to increase clicks
❌ Instagram live streaming drawbacks.

The user base is large, and it takes time to increase the number of followers and encourage live streaming.
Instagram’s analytics for live streaming are limited compared to Facebook
👤 Who is suitable for live streaming on Instagram.

Brands with a female audience, such as apparel and jewelry brands
Sellers who run personal brands and often share their lives

Second, brand shopping guide

Another development of live streaming is the combination of e-commerce and the emergence of live shopping, the previous e-commerce classroom also has “live selling things need to prepare what? 4 major factors affect your live performance! Explains the importance of live broadcasters.

The high authenticity and interactivity of live streaming allows consumers to deepen their trust in the product, and the conversation and selling skills of the live streamer also break the relatively passive role of e-commerce in the transaction, just like traditional TV shopping, the direct sales of the live streamer, live trial, live product photography, interactive sessions, etc. will greatly increase consumer confidence in the product and have a significant effect on shopping guide.

For example, Taobao, which is familiar to everyone, generated RMB 20 billion in revenue in the 2019 Double 11 through live streaming alone, which is equivalent to TWD 84 billion. Live streaming breaks the distance between brands and consumers, eliminates consumer doubts, makes “watching live shopping” a new consumption channel, and has a very good effect on order transfer.

The most important thing in the middle is the shopping guide process, from product promotion, page jumping, to checkout process, to ensure that every viewer who is impressed by the live show can actually buy an order.

  1. Social Media Live Streaming
    All the benefits of Facebook and Instagram we mentioned above, in addition to self-media operation, is also very powerful for shopping guide. From live streaming of new products on Instagram to VIP customer management in Facebook groups, the “follow if you like, join if you like” feature of social media can help brands find potential customers, and then use live streaming to deepen trust in products, and then promote orders.

However, the process from live streaming to product shopping is more complicated, as brands usually need to place their sales in social media posts and guide consumers to the official website to place orders.

Seeing the business opportunity of live shopping, there are now many tools (such as SHOPLINE LIVE) that link the brand website and the community to overcome the above problems and lead consumers from the live streaming to the consumption page quickly and easily, so that consumers can keep the “impulse” of watching the live streaming and actually complete the order.

Lydia Yim’s product live broadcast on Facebook
Figure 4: Lydia Yim’s product live streaming on Facebook
⭕️ Advantages of social live shopping.

The number of users on the community makes the list of potential customers huge and can attract a wider range of potential customers
Tracking, community, and tweeting mechanisms help brands deepen their relationship with consumers and enhance the effectiveness of shopping guides
The realistic and interactive nature of live streaming is helpful to dispel consumers’ doubts and motivate them to place orders.
❌ Shortcomings of community-based live shopping.

Live streaming traffic relies on its own fan base, if the fan base is not enough and the management is not deep enough, it will be relatively difficult to gain audience.
Currently it is not possible to complete purchases directly on the community, additional tools are needed to optimize the checkout process
👤 Who is suitable for social live shopping guide.

Brands with a certain number of followers and a reputation on the community
The product that specializes in young people such as popular clothing, 3C peripherals, etc.

  1. e-commerce platform live broadcast
    The e-commerce service platforms specializing in online shopping have naturally not missed this trend, and large e-commerce platforms such as Shrimp Shopping, Momo Shopping, and PChome Online Shopping have introduced live shopping guides to their shopping pages.

Unlike social communities, social communities are online platforms that provide communication and interaction, and users on them do not necessarily want to spend, but e-commerce platforms are places to “complete transactions”, and the chance of completing a transfer is greatly increased, and the occasional promotions, credit card rewards, and large e-commerce festivals held by e-commerce platforms greatly increase the chance of consumers placing orders.

Shrimp skin official live program
Figure 5, the official live show of shrimp skin
⭕️ Advantages of live shopping on e-commerce platforms.

The nature of the shopping platform itself attracts a large number of users who want to shop, the transaction rate is high
With large e-commerce festivals such as the Double 11 event, consumers will be willing to order the chances of a significant increase
The platform is designed to make the order process simple without the need to jump, so consumers can easily complete the order
❌ Shortcomings of live shopping on e-commerce platforms.

Brands are unable to obtain the information of users who have placed orders and are unable to follow up with consumers who have made purchases
Consumers’ memory of brand names is weak, making it difficult to cultivate loyal customers even through live streaming
👤 Who is suitable for live shopping guide on e-commerce platform: 👤 Who is suitable for live shopping guide on e-commerce platform

Brands with low unit prices that want to promote through a low margin approach
Large, well-known brands that want to increase sales by following e-commerce promotions

Leisure and entertainment

What else can you do with the immediacy of live streaming? If there is no specific theme or purpose, then let’s do something casual! Live streaming has become a very popular form of live streaming, attracting viewers to watch and interact with live streamers through their personal characteristics and conversations, which is more interesting than self-media and shopping guides, and also focuses more on the interaction between live streamers and viewers.

Because of the theme of leisure, live broadcasters need to prepare not rich content, but personal charm, talent, interesting conversation, interaction, etc., common live games, talent show, astrology, chat interaction. These live broadcasts are light-hearted, with a variety of topics and a relaxed atmosphere that makes these live streamers like “friends” of the audience.

The purpose of these live streams is often to “donate”, using money or tokens from the platform to show support for the live streamer personally, and in order to achieve this purpose, the interaction mechanism designed in the platform and whether it can trigger viewers’ actions are the key points in selecting the platform.

  1. Twitch
    From e-sports events, retired e-sports players to general gamers, all of them can show their games to interested viewers through live streaming, and viewers can also watch and discuss the content of the live streamer’s games, making the discussion of games easier and more immediate.

Twitch is the leader in live game broadcasting, and its platform has accumulated a large number of viewers interested in games, and its chat room and interaction mechanism with live broadcasters are also very mature. The live streamers are constantly interacting with each other on Twitch, bringing surprises to viewers.

Live streamers’ live shows on Twitch
Figure 6: Live streamer Rampage on Twitch
⭕️ Twitch Live Streaming Benefits.

Both hosts and viewers are highly relevant to the game, making it the best battleground if you want to stream for the game
Interactive and interactive formats make it easy to create surprises for viewers
Videos are replayable, so viewers can replay and watch them later
❌ Shortcomings of Twitch live streaming.

It is difficult to get traffic and viewers for topics other than gaming
Twitch itself is only a live streaming platform, live broadcasters who want to deepen their personal brands need to use other communities
👤 Who is suitable for live streaming on Twitch?

Live streamers who want to use games as content, or who are in the game related industry and have a certain level of popularity
Large-scale tournaments, events, and video broadcasts

  1. 17 LIVE Broadcast
    Compared to the traditional process of talent scouting and agency selection, the easy-to-use live streaming allows many talented, good-looking, or unique vegetarians to become stars and have their own fans and traffic.

As the dominant live streaming platform in Taiwan, 17 LIVE has not only fulfilled the dreams of many vegetarians, but also successfully brought such a form of entertainment as casual live streaming into the lives of the public and created considerable economic benefits.

17 LIVE, a software for live streaming, has a wide variety of topics on air, from food, travel, talent, and current events commentary, allowing viewers to target their favorite topics and making the slogan “Live Streamer for Everyone” a reality.

17 Live Broadcaster’s Opening Screen
Figure 7.17 Live Broadcaster Start Screen
⭕️ 17 LIVE Live’s advantages.

The rich theme of the live broadcast makes it easy for vegetarians to start a live broadcast and find interested viewers.
The complete revenue mechanism in the doujinshi, viewers can easily support the live streamer with money by sending gifts and love, etc.
❌ 17 LIVE live broadcast shortcomings.

Interaction and information are tied to the APP, and cannot be directed to personal social media
Live programs cannot be saved and cannot be replayed for viewing afterwards
Lots of homogeneous programs, fierce competition
👤 Who is suitable for live streaming on 17 LIVE?

Vegetarians who have talent, personal charisma, and want to be traffic stars
People who want to make money from live streaming, and who are highly resistant to stress and can face the competition and mixed live streaming ecosystem


Whether watching or being a live streamer, it has become a part of your life, and the various programs provided by various live streaming platforms have added more leisure and fun to modern life. Whether you are a viewer or a live streamer, you can understand the ecological distribution of live streaming according to the analysis in this article, and you can also know more clearly where to watch the programs or where to live stream the dream of a live streamer.