Automate Hard Drive/System Backup with ToDo Backup Home – The Preferred Professional Tool for Computer Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Home
EaseUS Todo Backup Home

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a powerful and easy-to-use backup software that protects your data and system from accidental loss. With this software you can easily create backups of important files, folders, partitions and even entire operating systems. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is designed for home users and small business owners who need an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable backup solution.

With EaseUS Todo Backup Home you can create backups of your data and system and restore them in case of data loss or system failure. The software offers several backup options, including full, incremental, differential and scheduled backups. You can also encrypt backups for added security and compress them to save disk space.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home also offers a cloning feature that allows you to clone an entire hard drive or just a partition to another hard drive or SSD. This is useful if you are upgrading your hard drive or moving to a new computer.

What should I do if the computer suddenly crashes without a backup and there is important data on it? It costs tens of thousands of dollars to rescue the data to an off-site storage facility, and privacy is not safe, so we must not start feeling sad when we lose the data, and we must make backups at regular intervals. Although it is a very simple concept, people who really do it Fortunately, there are tools that can help us automate backups. I recently found that EaseUS ToDo Backup Home is a very useful backup software, whether it is system transfer, backup hard drive, hard drive copy, system backup, etc. Having a “safe area” domain backup can prevent malicious software from intruding. Let me show you how useful this backup software is.

One-click backup

After downloading, install and open ToDo Backup Home, press Create Backup to start the backup, it’s that simple.

Then click “Select Backup Content” to choose what you want to backup.

ToDo Backup Home supports data, hard disk, system, and application data backup.

Data backup

Full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, and scheduled backup can back up specific files and folders. All kinds of files are supported, such as: documents, pictures, music, Email, applications, videos, etc.

Hard disk backup

Support full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, scheduled backup function to fully backup hard disk, partition or GPT disk.

What is incremental backup

“Incremental backup is a type of backup strategy. The core concept is to only back up data that has changed. The advantage is that the backup speed is faster and less data needs to be backed up.

What is differential backup

A differential backup only backs up files that have changed since the last full backup, such as a single file or folder. For example, we run a full backup once on Sunday. Only files that have changed since Sunday are backed up on Monday, and so on until the next full backup cycle.

System backup

For the system backup part, you can quickly back up your system in the background with one click, without stopping what you are doing. This is more than 10 times easier than the backup and restore tools in Windows. First you need to create a system image file and then save the image to your hard drive. Then, after confirming the backup settings, complete the creation of the backup file (wait about 30 minutes). You will then need to decide whether you want to create a system repair disc backup before finishing the job…

I don’t want to backup after reading, so system backup is really simplified by ToDo Backup Home! Anyone can back up easily.

How to transfer the system to a new hard drive?

If you want to upgrade your own hard drive, it may be because you are running out of hard drive space, or you want to upgrade to a faster SSD hard drive, etc. With ToDo Backup Home, you can completely move your system to the new hard drive. For a detailed system transfer tutorial, you can click the link to view.

Hard disk copy

In addition, ToDo Backup Home can also realise the hard disk duplication function. The fastest and easiest way to replace a hard disk in a computer is to make a copy of it. ToDo Backup Home can copy data to a new hard drive.

Application data

ToDo Backup Home also supports backup for specific applications.
Hard drive backup software
After selecting the files and disks you want to back up, click “Back Up Now” in the bottom right corner. You can easily back up to NAS or the cloud.

Backup function selection

If you have special needs, you can click “Options” on the bottom left before clicking “Backup Now”. There are four options to set here:

backup options
backup plan
backup filter
backup notification

Backup options

The Backup Options section allows you to set options such as Backup Mode, Performance, Backup Partition, Encryption, Custom Command, Offline Copy, File Backup Setting and Sector Backup Setting.

Backup plan

A backup plan is a scheduled backup. After setting, the software can automatically back up Windows computer files, hard disk sectors, etc. at a specific time. In particular, the function of this software is very powerful, and you can also choose the timing of automatic backup.

The automatic backup timing options are:

Back up when booting the system
Backup when shutting down the system
Backup when user logs in
Backup when user logs out
Backup when plugged into USB
Backup cycle options are:

one-time backup
every day
per month
event based

Backup filter

The backup filtering function can avoid backing up to certain system configuration files, such as .bin, .pbd, .tmp and other system files.

Backup notification

The backup notification feature can automatically send an email to notify the user when the backup is complete. Since the backup can be fully automatic after the backup is set, we don’t know whether it has successfully completed the backup. Through the email notification, we can know whether the system has successfully completed the backup. Of course, you can also notify directly through the system.After the backup is complete, you can see a black backup success square on the left.

More features

There are also various tools in the top right corner, such as System Copy, Hard Disk Copy, Universal Restore, Check Image File, Create Boot Disk, Enable PreOS, Mount/Unmount, Log, Reorganise Disk, Safe Zone, etc.

All in all, ToDo Backup Home is a very comprehensive and professional backup tool. Basically, as long as it is set up, the backup can be automated. In the future, as long as the hard disk fails or the computer has problems, we can be more calm than those who do not have backups. All you have to do is restore the files from the backup. It will save you at least tens of thousands of dollars. The link is below. Everyone, hurry up and set up an automatic backup for your computer.